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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hindu Meghwar community denied water, kicked out of village in Tharparkar, Sindh

Pakistan, a country that boasts of its Islamic heritage and ideology, has been failing to protect its religious and ethnic minorities. Despite being a signatory to various international treaties and conventions guaranteeing the protection of minority rights, Pakistan has been a hotbed of religious intolerance, sectarianism, and violence against minorities.

In a shocking incident, members of the Hindu Meghwar community in Chapar Khoso village, Dhali taluka of Tharparkar district, Sindh were first denied access to water and later expelled from the village by local Muslims Raju Khoso, Sikandar Khoso and others.

This cruel eviction forced the Hindus, including women & children, to seek refuge under the open sky outside the police station. They reached out to the authorities to file a First Information Report (FIR), but unfortunately, their request was not granted, leaving them in a state of despair.

Hindu commuinty at police station trying to register an FIR

It is not uncommon for such discriminatory behavior to occur towards minority groups in Pakistan. However, denying access to basic necessities like water and shelter is an infringement of human rights and cannot be excused under any circumstances.

The local authorities must take prompt action to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected community members. The police should immediately register the FIR and take appropriate measures against those responsible for this atrocity.

News reported in local news channel Time News

This incident sheds light on the necessity for greater awareness and sensitivity towards religious and ethnic minorities in the country. Discrimination and intolerance have no place in a civilized society. It is crucial that we oppose such acts of hatred and bigotry.

The government’s failure to protect its minorities has resulted in an increase in violence against them. The Pakistani authorities have failed to provide adequate security and protection to these vulnerable groups, and the justice system has also been unable to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Hindu women narrated to some local reporters and activists about how they were evicted from their homes –

Tharparkar district borders Bharat; it is drought-prone and has the highest Hindu population in Pakistan. It also has the lowest human development index of all districts of Sindh, largely due to the neglect of the minority Hindu population. Most Hindus are from Bheel, Meghwar, Kolhi, Jogi and other marginalized communities. Their life is miserable because of lack of good governance in this desert area. Human rights violation like land grabbing, bonded labor, abduction & conversion of young girls, suicide of youth due to lack of employment are common here.

The international community also has a role to play in ensuring that Pakistan fulfills its obligations to protect its minorities. The international community needs to put pressure on Pakistan to take concrete steps to ensure the protection of minority rights and hold those who violate these rights accountable.

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  1. Pakistan is a brutal country where minorities life and security are at a stake. Not only they are denied of basic human rights , but also subjected to the terror attack, oppression, rape , vandalism and mob lynching on the pretext of blasphemy. Their survival is at stake. Hindus will be exterminated from Pakistan and Bangladesh within a decade. Since the poor Hindus are mostly denied of any support from the local administration, Police and Pakistani law, they easily fall victim to Muslim landlords who maintain their own prisons, force the Hindus to bonded labor and keep them in prison if they raise any voice.


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