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Monday, May 29, 2023

Jihadists establish sharia court inside UK prisons

Jihadist forces are establishing sharia courts inside UK prisons and running religious conversion activities targeting non-Muslim prisoners, mainly Christians, while NHS bosses allegedly asked Sikh health workers to trim their beards during COVID so they could wear facemasks properly, or Hindu patients being served Halal meals.

In a September 2, 2016 report, Fox News said, “British prisons have become alarmingly fertile breeding grounds for terrorism, according to new government research that supports the long and widely held beliefs that UK lockups too often double as jihadi training camps.

“Many of the terror attacks that have plagued Europe in recent years bear a common, chilling hallmark: They were carried out by attackers who went into prison as petty criminals and emerged as hardened terrorists. Officials armed with sobering new research now want to take steps to isolate known jihadists from the general prison population in a bid to stop recruitment”.

One former prisoner told Fox News of the time in 2014 when word made its way through the cellblock that Mosul had fallen to ISIS. The high-security prison erupted with chants of “Allahu Akbar”.

“It was like a big party that went on unchecked for several hours”, he said.

Another former prisoner and reformed jihadist, Adam Deen, explained why prisoners are so susceptible to Islamist proselytizing.

“What makes a good recruit is somebody who is already disenfranchised, someone who is anti-establishment, who holds some kind of resentment”, Deen said.

The US prison system is also facing the problem – with Muslim groups acting like gangs, recruiting people and protecting their own, according to former Al Qaeda recruiter and convict Jesse Morton, who is now working at a think tank at George Washington University.

Meanwhile, British tabloid The Sun in a April 26, 2023 report said, jihadist prison gangs are forcing lags to convert to Islam with violence and holding make-shift Sharia courts in cells, a damning probe has warned.

A disturbing review into faith and religion in modern Britain has found prisons are hotbeds of radicalization – while the NHS has also been accused of sickening religious failings.

Britain is gradually slipping into the grips of radical Muslims and jihadists with large portion of London in particular been already under the control of Muslims where Sharia rules are being enforced, media reports said, now Muslim jihadists are enforcing strict Sharia rule inside British prisons.

Counterterrorism specialist Sir Jonathan Hall said, self-styled emirs (mostly affiliated to the Islamic State or Daesh) have enforced Sharia rule in Belmarch and Whitemoor prisons. He made the comments in his review of how terrorism is being dealt with inside prisons in the United Kingdom as well prisons in other European Union nations.

Sir Jonathan also claimed that prison staff are unable to do their jobs properly because they are “worried about making false assumptions based on a lack of cultural familiarity with Islam or Muslims”. And if any fellow prisoners are found to be making, what the Sharia court “judges” deem to be comments which fall foul of their rules, there are enforcers on hand to “flog them” and make them do “menial tasks” such as cleaning ceilings – they are also banned from using the showers and kitchens unless they stick to a halal diet.

Meanwhile, according to another news source, activities of jihadist trojan horse Tablighi Jamaat has deeply penetrated inside various prisons in England where non-Muslims are becoming targets of radicalized Muslim prisoners and in some cases are even forced to convert into Islam. Tablighi Jamaat is also offering monthly stipend to the families of newly converted Muslim prisoners.

It said, Friday prayers are held in most of the UK prisons, where fatwas are issued openly calling upon Muslim prisoners to wage jihad against Jews, Christians and “enemies of Allah”. It also reminds the Muslim prisoners of their “divine responsibilities” of enforcing Sharia inside and outside of the prisons adding that “Muslims have responsibility of bringing lands of infidels, Jews, Christians and non-Muslims under the flag of Islam and enforce Caliphate for the sake of enjoying unending luxury and comfort in the heaven in the life after”.

Conversion to Islam in prisons refers to the modern phenomenon seen in the Western world of a statistically high incidence of incarcerated criminal non-Muslims converting to Islam while in the prison system.

In the decade preceding 2014, the number of conversions to Islam among prisoners in Western countries outpaced all other religions, with the overall imprisoned Muslim population (jailhouse converts to Islam plus inmates who entered the prison system as Muslims) growing as a result.According to The Daily Mail report, Muslim terrorists and jihadists are using their ‘celebrity’ status in prison to set up Sharia courts and punish inmates by flogging – and make false racism and Islamophobia claims against jail staff who are too scared to put them in isolation.

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research-scholar, counterterrorism specialist and editor of Weekly Blitz. Follow him on Twitter @Salah_Shoaib


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