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Monday, July 22, 2024

Must-watch video: Irish MEP slams Western state-sponsored terrorism!

In a hard-hitting speech at the European Parliament in Brussels, Irish MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Clare Daly called out the hypocrisy of the US, UK, France and other Western powers.

Addressing the parliament during a debate on a resolution about recognition of the Russian Federation as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’, she accused Europe and the US of being warmongers and themselves sponsoring state terrorism instead of seeking a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

She said…

“State sponsorship of terrorism is a term of US law. It doesn’t exist in EU law, but a (Ukraine President Volodymyr) Zelensky advisor called for it in the Parliament magazine. And here we are again reporting for duty. And all it will do is make peace harder to achieve.

“Exactly, of course, what the extremists want. No peace. No off ramps, all bridges burning and Ukraine a permanent abattoir in a suicidal holy crusade against Russia.

“So, if you want to start naming state sponsors of terrorism, let’s do it.

“European sponsorship of Israeli terrorism in Palestine, Western sponsorship of Saudi terror in Yemen, ISIS, the product of French, American, British, Turkish and Gulf sponsorship in Syria and Iraq, decades of right-wing US-backed terrorism against the Cuban Revolution. The Contras in Nicaragua, death squads in Guatemala, in El Salvador.

“Remember Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, horror after horror, terror after terror. There’s nothing constructive about the pot calling the kettle black, would ye ever cop on, start championing peace, an end to the war which is patently in the interests of the EU, Ukrainian, and Russian citizens.”

A total of 201 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) supported the inclusion of the resolution in the debate, 99 voted against, and 61 abstained. After the ongoing debate, the resolution is expected to be put to a vote in the European Parliament during its session on 21-24 November.

Daly’s words struck a chord with many in the Global South. A Thai news outlet reported her speech thus – ‘Daly gave a refreshing account of geopolitics far from the usual mainstream media narrative of the US and the West are some sort of moral crusaders healing the world from terrorism and Communism’

On Wednesday, Daly’s MEP colleague and fellow Irish Mick Wallace had similarly slammed the double standards of the West.

Note of caution for Hindus

What Daly said is definitely courageous, but Hindus must not make the mistake of assuming that such Western far-left liberals are our allies. Many of them also turn out to be useful idiots for hardline Islamists. For eg., while it is true that the Afghan population has suffered enormously due to the US invasion, the Taliban rule today is far worse. Moreover, ordinary Afghan Muslims are so indoctrinated with hate for the kafir that they have actively contributed to the ethno-religious cleansing of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.

Yet, the likes of Daly and Wallace will join our very own left-liberals like Guha and Jaising to push Bharat to take in Muslim refugees, without a second thought for how this will endanger lives of ordinary Hindus and other Dharmiks already reeling from Abrahamic extremism.

Also, we can’t fail to notice that Daly did not mention the 1971 genocide of 3 million Bengalis, overwhelmingly Hindu, by the Pakistan Army which was aided and abetted by the US administration and Nixon-Kissinger duo. The ongoing religious cleansing of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus also fails to register with global human rights activists. There are a few reasons for this.

The 1971 genocide did not receive much coverage internationally and was censored even by the Indian press. Due to its deep-rooted Hinduphobia and need to cover up for Islamist violence, the secular Indian state failed to raise the issue effectively at UN, or even prosecute the architects of the genocide despite having 93K Pakistani Army PoWs.

Another reason is that we live in a predominantly Abrahamic world. Centuries of indoctrination and atrocity literature by Islamic and Christian missionaries and colonizers has convinced the international champions of human rights, including atheists, that Hindu Dharma is intrinsically inferior to monotheist religions or modern ideologies like secular humanism, socialism and liberalism.

Finally, many urban Hindus have themselves lost the connect with Dharma and grown indifferent towards its unique, liberating message on how to live human life. So they end up confirming the biases that the rest of the world harbors about us, rather than presenting the real picture. Abrahamic fundamentalists, on the other hand, are passionate about their supremacist beliefs and thus lose no opportunity to project Bharat and Hindus in a bad light.

In conclusion, Hindus need to rediscover their Dharma and become effective spokespersons for their civilization and fellow Hindus, rather than seek approval of others. And as we decolonize, we need to remember that there are no permanent enemies or friends in geopolitics. Our sole commitment should be to uphold Dharma, and we are well within our rights to choose allies as the situation demands.

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