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Friday, September 30, 2022

What World’s Indigenous Peoples Day means for Bharat?

August 9 has been designated International day of World’s Indigenous Peoples Day. The UN has set this day aside to ‘celebrate’ indigenous populations and their ‘contributions’ to society.

“Indigenous women particularly suffer high levels of poverty; low levels of education and illiteracy; limited access to health, basic sanitation, credit, and employment; limited participation in political life; and domestic and sexual violence. Besides, their right to self-determination, self-governance, and control of resources and ancestral lands have been violated over centuries”, says the United Nations.

Nothing can be more hypocritical than those who have colonized the natives setting aside a day for the indigenous people in their own land. The West comes up with the concept of such days to rid itself of the guilt of its colonial crimes.

In Bharat, the ‘indigenous population’ concept has been used to divide the people and also as a means to justify their occupation of native lands in their colonies. The cabal also tries to paint a picture of ‘upper and privileged’ classes ‘oppressing’ the ‘natives’. Human rights organizations, missionaries, and leftist groups are a part of this cabal.

The Hindu society has reformed itself from time to time. The constitution protects every citizen irrespective of caste, creed, or other distinction. Anti-India forces have co-opted with the country’s enemies to break the society from within. For several decades, anti-India forces have been running propaganda equating the ‘blacks’ of Canada and America with reserved and vanvasi communities in Bharat.

The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) has its seed in colonial guilt. The cabal has used the concept of ‘moolnivasi’ to trigger the indigenous Vs outsiders debate. The Hindu society is made the villain that oppresses the natives. These anti-India forces run agenda pressing for Dalitstan, Khalistan, Tamil Eelam, and other such divisions of Bharat.

They propagate the falsehood that these communities are completely different from Hindus. There is no distinction between different sects and communities as all are part of the Hindu community. The divisions of tribals, Dalits, etc were brought in by the British. British Census officials found it difficult to differentiate the various communities from Hindus.

The AIT was based on colonial interpretations of Vedic texts. Several unanswered questions prove the invalidity of people invading Bharat from outside. The Rakhigarhi DNA analysis has conclusively proved that present-day Bharatiyas are direct descendants of the people of the SSC (Sindu Saraswati Civilization).

Internationally renowned archaeologist Prof. Vasant Shinde of Deccan College, Pune, discovered 5000-year-old DNA evidence from the largest SSC site of Rakhigarhi in Haryana. This discovery proves that present-day Bharatiyas are direct descendants of the SSC people and that so-called Aryans neither invaded nor migrated to Bharat. DNA and other evidence from Rakhigarhi indicate that SSC was indeed the Vedic civilization that continues to be practiced even today.

For a long time now Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) or its variant Aryan Migration Theory (AMT), has been passed off as the truth. It started with the likes of colonial and western archaeologists, linguists and ‘historians’ such as Mortimer Wheeler, Max Mueller and F. Bopp among others. Nehru in his book ‘Discovery of India’ and Lokmanya Tilak also talked of Aryans having come from outside. Dr. Ambedkar, however, strongly refuted this theory in his book ‘Who were Shudras?’. 

The AIT premise was also used as a perfect tool by the British to divide the Hindu society and the state of Bharat. The North Indian “Aryans” were then pitted against the South Indian “Dravidians,” along with high-caste against low-caste, mainstream Hindus against tribals, Vedic orthodoxy against the indigenous orthodox sects, and later to neutralize Hindu criticism of the forced Islamic occupation of Bharat, since “Hindus themselves entered Bharat in the same way as Muslims did.”

Even today, the theory has still been used as the basis for the growth of secularist, Marxist and other Breaking India forces like Dravidianists. Even some feudalistic Hindus have bought into the theory to prove their ‘superiority’ over other Hindus.

The west and their Indian brown sepoys use divisive theories intending to weaken Hindu Dharma and society. Indigenous populations of western nations such as Canada, America, Australia, and others continue to pay the price for following a faith not approved by the white man. Days such as these are only the West’s way of ridding itself of guilt and indirectly justifying its genocidal acts against indigenous populations.

(Featured Image Source: Cultural Survival)

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  1. Aryan invasion/migration is conclusively proved to be myth created by colonial british to justify their occupation of India.Off late they even called dravidians also migrated from outside of India before aryans to show only tribals of India are native Indians.

    As per battle of 10 kings and many stories of our puranas,ancient Indians migrated from India to outside mainly in north and north west directions and not a single story mentioned of any tribe coming outside of Indian sub continent.

    White christians are guilty of genocide of natives from australia, south and north american continents.So even today they want to include everybody as invaders at some point of time in the history.World indigenous peoples day is not relevant to India but only for New world where white christians committed heinous crimes like genocide/rape/loot/stealing of land from natives/converting the remaining natives who escaped genocide to christianity. White christians needs to be ashamed of heinous crimes committed by their ancestors against natives/tribals of entire world.


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