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Monday, May 29, 2023

How a US couple, a ‘Hindu’ wife and ‘Jew’ husband, are working for Islamists and Soros in guise of human rights: DisinfoLab special

A US couple – ‘Jew’ husband & ‘Hindu’ wife runs two fronts respectively – one for Israel, one for India. Both are funded by George Soros, promoted by Islamists, and both use human rights as cover. Their sole objective is to run conflict industry. Lets understand the story of HfHR and JVP.

Story begins in 2002– Sunita Vishawanath co-founded Women for Afghan Women (WAW) funded by Soros.She was Assoc. Dir of Soros Reproductive Health fellowship at Columbia Uni(2006) She was associated with South Asian Women’s Center for Anti-Violence Education and Sister Fund.

SAKHI was founded in 1989 by Mallika Parvati Dutt, a carrier activist, associated with many philanthropic orgs- Ford Foundation (India, 1996-2000), the Norman Fdn. (US,1992-94) & the Open Society Foundation (US, 2010-12) & The Sister Fund (1995-98) with Sunita as Director.

Back to WAW: an individual, Stephan Shaw joins WAW as Advisor We don’t know much about him, expect he is a social entrepreneur who indulges philosophers and an activist. In a day & age where activists eat, love, & prey on social media, Shaw has no social media presence.

Sunita and Stephan tied the knot in 2005, Sunita having separated from her first husband. Meanwhile, Stephan joined Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) a deceptively named front funded by Soros.

JVP has been one of the forefronts for Boycott Divest Sanction Movement (BDSM) against Israel. All with the help of funding from Soros and his OSF. Between 2017-21, JVP received USD 800,000 from OSF for waging its war of BDSM against Israel.

JVP is the prototype on which HfHR has been modelled – a Jew front to target Israel copied into a Hindu face to target India. Very secular. If any doubt, Stephen himself clarified during a Webinar with HfHR, JVP and IAMC.

Sunita and Raju Rajagopal (co-founder HfHR) were long term associate with Jamaat front IAMC – forming fronts like Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) with IAMC & OFMI She joined another Jamaat front with lofty name – Foundation The London Story based in Netherlands.

So, if they already were working on ‘human rights’, why new front – HfHR?
What’s in name, Shakespeare once asked Sunita.
Needed a ‘Hindu’ front for India, seeing the success of Jewish front against Israel.
Soros winked at Shakespeare.

And thus was born HfHR in 2019, co-founded with Raju Rajagopal, Punya Upadhyaya, Deepak Gupta, & Sunil Sakhalkar. Raju had worked in the corporate sector in the US, later joined the UIDAI in 2009 and became head of Civil Society Outreach.

Raju is associated with Coalition Against Communalism (CAC) and EKTA – partners of Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) co-founded by IAMC mastermind, Shaik Ubaid & Angana Chatterji (close aide of convicted ISI mole Ghulam Nabi Fai).

Raju was a speaker at the 2003 IAMC event, listed as the president of CAC, though it was cleaned up later from IAMC website.

Raju is also associated with a California-based Palayam Foundation. His son Sudhanva Rajagopal is the Executive Director of the organization. And as of 2020, HfHR had received USD 17,436 from Palayam Foundation. The circle of life.

HfHR’s advisory board have experts like Navsarjan Trust founder Martin Macwan Its ex-national convener Suresh Jadav accused trust of communalism & financial irregularities; and ex-employees accused trustees of taking Rs.30 crore from Switzerland Development Corp in Sept 2016.

In Dec 2016, Navsarjan Trust’s FCRA was revoked for prejudice to harmony btw religious, social, caste; & for acts “detrimental to national interests.” And while NGO had funds worth INR 22 Cr, it decided to lay off 80 staff without paying their salaries.

HfHR & JVP have been working together against India as early as from September 2019, when Alliance for Justice & Accountability (OFMI + IAMC + HfHR) participated in Houston protest with Pak & Jamaat Fronts-Stand With Kashmir (SWK), ICNA & OSF-funded JVP.

What is the end goal?

BDS movement a sinister toolkit to sustain a conflict industry for economic goals developed by Muslim Brotherhood and funded by Soros & co using tools like social, cultural, academic & economic boycott, mobilizing public opinion, and their next target is India.

JVP has turned out to be a successful Soros venture against Israel through BDSM & with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood & its NGO nexus. HfHR likewise is ideal project considering the efforts to launch BDSM against India by MB & its proxies.

They are copying each front from Israel theatre to India in the run-up to BDSM: – Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP): HfHR – Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP): Students Against Hindutva Ideology (SAHI) – Russel Tribunal on Palestine – Kashmir : RtoP/ RToK.

For ex, in Dec 2021, a 3-day Russell Tribunal on Kashmir (RToK) event was organized by Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan (QTPi) nexus & MB mouthpiece Al-Jazeera Balkans. Tribunal aimed at launching BDS against India, raking Kashmir conflict.

Earlier, a Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RToP) was launched by MB in 2009, which concluded in 2015 in favor of BDS against Israel.

The inspiration to copy the BDS movement from Israel is so strong that they even copied the logos. The logo of a front on BDS – FOSNA has been copied by Stand with Kashmir – only the bird flying the other way.

Key step towards a successful BDS against India is to get it sanctioned from US. HfHR & Islamist fronts IAMC, JFA have engaged USCIRF since 2018-20 to blacklist India on pretext of stringent religious freedom. Note: IAMC had paid lobbyist to target India in 2013 itself.

However, there is one difference between JVP and HfHR: Unlike Israel, India is a much diverse, and offers equally diverse fault-lines to be exploited, which HfHR seems to rather enjoy.

An analysis of HfHR’s social media shows that it has been seemingly active on all fault-lines including Caste, Kashmir, Islamophobia, and even USCIRF to target India.

Time will only tell if Soros & Co would succeed or not, it is fascinating how they have cultivated assets over decades Equally fascinating is how same assets are promoted by Islamist fronts, associated with MB, and nurtured in a global ecosystem through media space and awards.

People think that Chinese plan decades in advance. They have not met the real masters in the game. Pls read the complete story here: Disinfolab

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @DisinfoLab on April 27, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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