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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Here are 40 reports of brutal Muslim-Christian communal violence from across the world

According to Martina Navratilova, John Cusack and Rana Ayyub, all communal hatred in Bharat is due to Hindus. If that’s true, then in other countries where Hindus don’t exist, Muslims & Christians must be living peacefully.

Let’s check the 40 cases of religious violence involving these two communities from around the world:

  1. October 1991– Nigeria: Muslims pursued their hunt for Christians today in religious rioting in the northern city of Kano, witnesses said. Thousands of people reportedly besieged police stations to seek protection.
  2. January 1999 – Indonesia- At least 40 Christian villagers, including women and children, were killed in Indonesia last week, reportedly by a mob of Muslims seeking revenge for earlier clashes, officials and a local Roman Catholic priest said today.
  3. February 2000– Almost 90,000 Muslims poured into the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in January, demanding a holy war against Christians living in two riot-torn provinces of the Asian nation. Maluku and North Maluku-provinces about 1,600 miles northeast of Jakarta have been plagued by religious fighting between Christians and Muslims for about a year. The fighting has left nearly 2,000 dead in recent weeks. Both churches and mosques have been destroyed.
  4. November 2000 – Ivory Coast- 2 religions clashing in Ivory Coast.
  5. November 2002– Nigeria, Kaduna- Protest relating to the Miss World beauty contest due to be held in Nigeria spiraled out of control & around 250 people were killed as Muslim & Christian groups fought each other for three days in the northern city of Kaduna.
  6. April 2004 – Indonesia-Gunfire and explosions rocked the provincial capital of Ambon yesterday, leaving one dead, 13 wounded and a church in ruins as Christians and Muslims clashed for a fourth day in Indonesia’s Maluku islands. In Jakarta, national police spokesman Colonel Zainuri Lubis said the death toll from the violence had risen to 36 since Sunday.
  7. May 2004 – Nigeria- More than two hundred people were killed on May 11 and 12 in Kano. The majority were Christians killed by armed Muslims seeking revenge for the events in Yelwa. When the security forces eventually intervened, supposedly to quell the riots the death toll rose even further, as police and soldiers killed dozens more people, most of them Muslims.
  8. May 2004– Nigeria- Attacks by militants from a predominantly Christian tribe killed at least 500 people in a mainly Muslim village in central Nigeria, a senior Red Cross official said Thursday.
  9. February 2006 – Revenge attacks against Muslims killed at least 27 people in southeastern Nigeria on Wednesday after anti-Christian violence killed dozens and left thousands homeless in the mainly in the north. Christians in this southern Nigerian city burned Muslim corpses and defaced wrecked mosques Thursday after days of sectarian strife that has killed more than 120 people across the country.
  10. March 2007 – Indonesia- An Indonesian court has sentenced three Muslim militants to jail for beheading three Christian schoolgirls in Central Sulawesi in 2005.
  11. December 2008 – Nigeria- Clashes between gangs of Hausa Muslims and mostly Christian Beroms began on Thursday night and continued into Saturday afternoon. More than 400 people died.
  12. January 2010 – Nigeria- Community leaders from Jos, a city about 19 miles north of Kuru Karama, and journalists told the organization that later in the week they saw dozens of bodies lodged in wells or sewage pits. The bodies of 121 people, including 22 children, had been recovered, the organization said. Most of the homes in the town were burned down, along with three mosques, the group said.
  13. March 2010– Nigeria- 500 people – many of them women and children – may have been killed near the city of Jos, long a center of tensions between Christians and Muslims. The dead were Christians and members of an ethnic group that had been feuding with the Hausa-Fulani, Muslim herders whom witnesses and police officials identified as the attackers.
  14. January 2011– Lebanon-“What is happening to Christians is a genocide,” said former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel. Lebanon, which experienced a ruinous 15-year civil war, in part between Muslims and Christians, that left about 150,000 dead is deeply divided along sectarian lines. Christians make up about 40 percent of Lebanon’s 4 million people and the country is the only Arab nation with a Christian head of state
  15. March 2011– Cairo, Egypt- Security and hospital officials said six Christians and five Muslims died from gunshot wounds and 94 people – 73 Muslims and 21 Christians – were wounded. Clashes that broke out when a Muslim mob attacked thousands of Christians protesting against the burning of a Cairo church killed at least 13 people and wounded about 140.
  16. September 2011– Indonesia-Ambon – the provincial capital of the Molucca islands – has been hit by sectarian violence in the past. Conflicts between Christians & Muslims between 1999 and 2002 left more than 5,000 dead and half a million people displaced.
  17. December 2011-Ethiopia- Muslim radicals burn twelve Protestant churches. One dead, dozens injured.
  18. April 2013 – Egypt- Four Christian Copts and one Muslim were killed when members of both communities started fighting and shooting at each other in El Khusus north of the Egyptian capital.
  19. October 2013 – Kenya- Two Christian clerics on Kenya’s coast were killed in separate attacks over the weekend, witnesses said Sunday, two weeks after the killing of a Muslim preacher sparked deadly riots in port city Mombasa.
  20. December 2013– Central African Republic- Christians, Muslims Clash in Central African Republic.
  21. Feb 2014– Central African Republic- The minority Muslim population in the Central African Republic is being targeted in a relentless wave of coordinated violence that is forcing entire communities to leave the country.
  22. March 2014– Central African Republic-Christian militias take bloody revenge on Muslims in Central African Republic. Children are reportedly targeted by Christian anti-balaka gangs set up in wake of attacks by Muslim Seleka rebels.
  23. December 2014 – Kenya-The Somali militants methodically separated the Christian workers from the Muslims and took the Christians to the side of a hill, near a gravel pit. Then they ordered the disbelievers to lie face down.
  24. January 2015 – Niger (not Nigeria)-“They offended our Prophet Mohammad, that’s what we didn’t like,” said Amadou Abdoul Ouahab, who took part in the demonstration. President Mahamadou Issoufou said all five of the dead were civilians, with four of them killed inside burned churches or bars.
  25. July 2015 – (The Guardian will not do such report for Hindus as they did for Christians) – Where in the world is the worst place to be a Christian?
  26. September 2015 – Central African Republic- Muslim-Christian clashes in Central African Republic leave 21 dead.
  27. November 2016 -Egypt- In post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are rising.
  28. June 2017 – Central African Republic-100 said killed as Christian militia, Muslim rebels clash.
  29. January 2018 – Egypt- Christians in Egypt face unprecedented persecution..with attacks on churches and the kidnap of girls by Islamist extremists intent on forcing them to marry Muslims, a report says.
  30. February 2018– Nigeria -13 dead in Muslim-Christian violence.
  31. May 2019 – Iraq’s Christians ‘close to extinction’. Archbishop of Irbil referred to the current, pressing threat from Islamic State (IS) jihadists as a “final, existential struggle”, following the group’s initial assault in 2014 that displaced more than 125,000 Christians from their historic homelands.
  32. May 2019– Middle East – Persecution of Christians ‘coming close to genocide’. Millions of Christians in the region have been uprooted from their homes, and many have been killed, kidnapped, imprisoned and discriminated against, the report finds. It also highlights discrimination across south-east Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and in east Asia.
  33. June 2019 -Ethiopia- For Ethiopia’s Orthodox Christians, the ancient city of Aksum is a sacred place, home to the Biblical Queen of Sheba and Ark of the Covenant. The ark is believed to contain the 10 commandments handed down to Moses by God, and is said to be under the guard of monks in the city. Some Muslim groups are campaigning to build a mosque in the city – a suggestion rejected by Christian leaders, saying they would rather die. “Aksum is our Mecca,” declares senior cleric Godefa Merha, who believes that just as churches are banned in Islam’s holiest site, mosques cannot exist in Aksum.
  34. August 2019– Burkina Faso-Islamist militants are targeting Christians in Burkina Faso: ‘They are planting seeds of a religious conflict’.
  35. December 2019 – Central African Republic-The death toll has risen to at least 35 in clashes between Christian militia and Muslim traders in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.
  36. June 2020 – Turkey- There were between 3 and 4 million Christians in what is now Turkey—around 20 percent of the total population. They were spread throughout the area, from Thrace in the northwest to the far-eastern regions of Anatolia. beyond Lake Van, where Armenians likely outnumbered Turks. By 1924, through three successive waves of massacre, deportation, abduction, and forced conversion, Christians had been reduced to 2 percent of Turkey, and almost all who remained would depart in the following decades. The Thirty-Year Genocide tells the story of this religious cleansing.
  37. April 2021 – Nigeria- 45,644 Christian and 30,000 Muslim Lives Lost In 13 Years. From July 2009 (year of the Boko Haram Uprising) to March 2022, the Christian death tolls rose to 45,644. Approximately 30,000 moderate Muslims were also killed during the period by the country’s Jihadists, who are chiefly indigenous Fulani Herdsmen, Fulani Bandits and other jihadist pastoralists or mercenaries.
  38. May 2022 – Ethiopia- The Islamic Affairs Council of Amhara said the funeral of a Muslim elder had been attacked, describing the scene as a “massacre” by heavily armed “extremist Christians”.
  39. May 2022 – Nigeria- Christian female student, Miss Deborah Samuel was lynched by a Muslim mob in Sokoto for ‘blasphemy’.
  40. April 2015 – Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard – killing them – because the 12 were Christians. Italian authorities have arrested 15 people on suspicion of murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo, Sicily, said.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @AshwiniSahaya on Feb 16, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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  1. But there has rarely been any genocidal attack between the Hindus & the Christians, Jews and Christians, Hindus and Buddhists! At least, I do not know!

    • No, there are plenty cases of Hindu genocide and persecution at hands of Christian extremists…most recent was mass exodus of Hindu Bru janjati due to attacks by Mizo Christian extremists. Many attacks on Hindu mandirs and indigenous Dharmic communities by NE Christian extremists are happening even now. Hindu persecution by Christian evangelists in Andhra and other parts of Bharat is very-2 real, even if it doesn’t always manifest as physical violence.


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