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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dutch MP Geert Wilders speaks up for Hindus, when will Bharat’s law-makers?

At a time when Hindus are facing persecution, particularly in the Islamic nations in the Bharatiya subcontinent, Dutch MP Geert Wilders has spoken up for the persecuted community even as Bharat’s politicians have maintained a convenient silence. Geert also raised the point about violence against Hindus in Bharat.

The Dutch MP sought answers from the Netherlands government regarding their stance on violence against Hindus in Bangladesh and Bharat. “Are you aware of the horrific violent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh? What is your opinion on this? Are you aware these attacks are carried out by Muslims? Are you aware that Hindu houses, places of worship and shops are being set on fire in Bangladesh?”, Geert questioned.

In one of his questions, Geert also pointed out that the attack on minority Hindus in Muslim-majority Bangladesh has only increased in recent years. He also brought out that the atrocities on Hindus weren’t publicized in the West. “Do you agree that it is striking that violence against Muslims is often widely reported in the media, but at the same time violence by Muslims is often swept under the rug?”, he asked.

Replying to the question of violence against others being downplayed while that against Muslims being publicized, the Dutch government said, “It is not up to the cabinet to make a judgment about the relative frequency with which specific violence receives attention in the media. As indicated, the right of everyone to make his or her philosophical or religious choices is an important part of Dutch human rights policy. In that context, the cabinet monitors religious violence worldwide, regardless of the motives or background of the perpetrators”.

He also highlighted the hounding of Nupur Sharma by Islamists. Do you remember the courageous Nupur Sharma – and the facts about Mohammed she was provoked to state in a televised debate last May? Do you share my view that it is unacceptable that she was subsequently threatened with death, had to go into hiding and face criminal charges for speaking the truth? Are you prepared to show your support for Nupur Sharma to the Indian government? 

“The cabinet is familiar with the statements made by Ms Nupur Sharma and strongly disapproves of the death threats against her. The decision of whether or not to prosecute her is up to the Indian judicial authorities. Currently, Nupur Sharma is not being prosecuted and the Indian Supreme Court has issued a temporary measure protecting her from arrest”, the Netherlands government said.

Geert brought up the murder of Kanhaiyalal by Islamists for supporting Nupur Sharma in Rajasthan. He wanted the Dutch government to openly support the Hindus of Bangladesh and Bharat. “Are you also prepared to openly condemn the violence of Muslims against Hindus? Are you prepared to plead with the governments of both India and Bangladesh for better protection of the Hindus in their countries?”, Geert asked. 

 “The cabinet is aware of this, and strongly disapproves of the horrific violence. This murder has also been condemned by parties across the width of the Indian political spectrum. The perpetrators were arrested shortly after the murder, and will be tried under Indian criminal law,” the government replied to the question on Kanhaiyalal’s murder.

Condemning the death threats Geert Wilders was getting, the reply said “Threats, especially those to democratically elected politicians, are unacceptable and have no place in the Dutch democratic legal order”. “The Netherlands, directly and through the EU, calls attention to the rights of all persons regardless of their religion or identity, and the responsibility of governments in this regard. Special attention is paid to protecting the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion and belief”, the government responded to the question of whether it was ready to support Hindus.

It must be pointed out that Geert Wilders has come out in support of Hindus of Bharat and Bangladesh as well as Nupur Sharma earlier too. “Cultural relativism is a misleading concept. People are equal but cultures are not. A culture based on humanity and freedom is always better than a culture based on intolerance and submission”, he said adding he supported Hindu Dharma a million times more than Islam.

Unfortunately, no Indian politician has sent out such a stern and clear message as Geert Wilders. Persecution of Hindus often gets hushed up in ‘Hindu majority’ Bharat.

(Featured Image Source: Vox)

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