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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

DisinfoLab report: How West-based Hinduphobes and local collaborators are peddling the caste narrative

Caste is a centuries-old disease. But somehow no one seemed too concerned until recently. Then SUDDENLY many fronts – from Bharat (India) to US to Europe – awakened to this issue together! We explain the trigger, plot, and protagonists

(Note: Read the full DisinfoLab report here – ‘Institutionalization Of A Faultline‘)

In the last 2-3 months, the Caste discourse has soared surprisingly abroad including in US.

-Dalit Panthers meet Black Panthers on June 6

-Google accused as Casteist for not allowing EL (Equity Labs) founder Thenmozhi Soundarajan’s speech

-Apple introduced diversity policy around caste.

-ICNA(US Jamaat) discusses caste on its forum

-DalitDiva launches book on caste

-Univ. of Minnesota adds caste to its Diversity criteria

-Meena Kandasamy awarded by Pen Germany

-Audrey Truschke attends event on caste in higher edu.

-IAMC hosts event on Dalits (Oct 7)

And the chosen Global Media plays its part. In the last few months alone Washington Post, Qatar’s Al Jazeera, Turkey’s TRT World, Germany’s DW Newspaper & The Wire pick the most unusual/ irrelevant topics for the Caste line narrative setting over India. And the list goes on

Coincidentally’ in India the reports on #caste atrocities have suddenly multiplied. It is a welcome development. One only wonders why these were not reported earlier. It’s not because there were no atrocities. It is because it would not suit the agenda of narrative setting.

India has been made a land of seasonal narratives: from rising nationalism to cow lynching, to fascism & minority atrocities, and now Dalit atrocities. Set of media & journalists talk about one issue for a certain time. Once the narrative is set, it is replaced by another.

While the mastermind remains the same, fronts for each narrative are carefully curated for max impact. For Indian Muslims- IAMC; for a ‘Secular’ facade- HfHR (Hindus For Human Rights); for Khalistan narrative- SIC. Add a bunch of ‘Whites-as expert-of-everything’ as a White face raises no questions.

The Dalit atrocity is the next narrative. And the front curated for the Dalit narrative is Equality Labs (EL), founded by a US-born & brought-up, Thenmozhi Soundarajan, whose both parents were practising doctors, & later migrated to the US.

EL’s claim to #Dalit discourse was a single ‘survey report’ (2018) that somehow gained prominence without adhering to basic academic standards of such surveys. Co-authors of the report say more than the report itself: Thenmozhi Soundarajan, Natasha Dar, Maari Zwick Maitreyi.

Natasha Dar is d/o (daughter of) Huma Dar, a Pak-origin UC Berkeley professor. Huma Dar was advisor of EL when it published its caste report in 2018. Huma Dar’s hobbies: a. Expert of Pak-backed ‘Stand with Kashmir’; b. Supports Khalistan call; & c. Advocate of Boycott against India.

Huma Dar is the core of Pak ops in the US, & she has a legacy to maintain. She is d/o Lt. Col. Bashir Uddin Ahmad, former Pak army officer, once posted in then-East Pakistan (Bangladesh) & died with the pain of Pak partition in his heart. The revenge? Breaking India.

Third coauthor of EL’s report is more interesting- it’s Research Director Maari Zwick Maitreyi. But this is a fake identity. Digital forensic of one of her pics took us to an entirely unrelated person- Valli Karunakaran, who moonlights at a news portal- TwoCircles (TCN).

THIS EL Report duly acknowledges the contributions of certain orgs: IAMC, OFMI (Organization for Minorities of India), & AJA (Alliance for Justice and Accountability) – all Jamaat/ISI fronts already exposed in our previous reports. Ironically, EL has erased one of its esteemed contributors– OFMI after DisInfoLab exposed its ISI linkages!

In a nut-shell: – 1st co-author is born & raised in the US, & associated with Jamaat fronts; – 2nd is related to Pak army while her mom is active on all anti-India fronts; & – 3rd co-author is a fake identity. Report itself acknowledges support from Islamist/Pak fronts.

The EL report is now widely used as the basis for the case against Indians in Cisco; to target the Indian CEO of Google; and used by several US Universities on caste!

It’s not surprising that EL is being projected as a frontier on caste lines in the US by Pak/Jamaat & anti-India lobbying groups. But the story only begins. The ‘News media’ with which Maitreyi aka Valli is associated with- TwoCircles (TCN) is part of a larger plot.

Equality Labs’ report also acknowledged TCN founder Kashif Ul-Huda & its ex-Director Vinay Bhatt. Kashif is an Indian-origin, US citizen & sympathizer of the banned radical group SIMI & Zakir Naik. He openly envisages secession of India into independent states.

Before founding TCN, Kashif ran a surfeit of websites during the 1990s & early 2000s. He started ‘Urdustan’ website in 1997-98 along with his wife Zainab Lakhani, which was managed from several places including Pakistan.

Under Urdustan, Kashif founded ‘http://IndianMuslims.Info’ in 2002, which in turn promoted several web portals, including a website ‘Dalitstan’, that was designed to balkanize India. The story gets more interesting: Kashif was working under a mysterious patronage.

Dalitstan was founded in 1999 by some white faces from US who never entered India! On surface, it advocates for Dalits, but it covertly aims at balkanizing India by promoting secessionist links & groups. Key person: Helen Eklund, Texas. White concern for India isn’t new

Among several secessionist sites/ movements promoted by Dalitstan, there were four major plans, which incidentally have also been mirroring Pak ISI’s strategy to break India: a. Mughalastan b. Kashmir c. Khalistan d. Islamestan

Dalitstan’s Kashmir section endorsed two organizations – KAC (Kashmiri American Council) & WKFM (World Kashmir Freedom Movement) led respectively by ISI operatives Ghulam Nabi Fai & Md. Ayyub Thakur. More surprisingly, another front endorsed by Dalitstan called “Jihad-e-Kashmir” had the same address as the Pak terror group Al-Badr.

Dalitstan collaborated with founder of Dalit Voice (DV), VT Rajshekar. DV was digitized by a Pak journalist & conspiracy theorist, Syed Adeeb. Incidentally, Rajshekar was arrested under TADA, & Sedition Act for his anti-India works in the 1980s.

VT Rajshekar was awarded by a UK-based think-tank, London Institute of South Asia (LISA), for his book in 2005. LISA was founded by retired Pak army & ISI officials (LISA comprises an interesting list of publications & authors. OSINT experts should look into it)

GOI banned Dalitstan & 17 websites following the 2006 Mumbai train blast. The project had to be reworked. Kashif formed a new front- TCN in 2006-07 supported by Pak Jamaat-backed IAMC. TCN shifted base to US in 2013, & widened its propaganda to Dalits & Adivasis.

Several Dalit advocacy orgs assisted by Jamaat fronts IAMC & OFMI popped up in the US, Dalit Diva being common in all. Before EL, she co-founded Dalitnation & was ex-Prez. of AANA (Ambedkar Association of North America). EL was launched in 2016, when several anti-India orgs. & White Experts suddenly appeared.

Both Kashif & Thenmozhi work in tandem with Pak-backed US-Jamaat fronts, Justice for All (JFA) & IAMC. Kashif & his wife were part of IAMC Boston, while EL & Thenmozhi are promoted by orgs like Justice for All (JFA).

However, the quest of foreign powers could never succeed unless they get help from the domestic actors. E.g., Hyderabad-based Dr. Manisha Bangar (former national VP of BAMCEF) played a key role in mainstreaming the Pak ops face, Huma Dar, in India.

Not surprisingly, Bangar was seen in close tandem with the Khalistani/ISI operative Bhajan Singh Bhinder and Peter Friedrich in the US under OFMI. Notably, she launched a new political party in 2019, which contested from 20 seats. This scale of electioneering needs significant resources.

Another #activist Rajratna Ambedkar, who is spearheading religious conversion from Hinduism to Buddhism, was OFMI’s India head. He visited people from the same front in the US in April 2022. To reiterate, OFMI disappeared after DisInfoLab exposed its linkages with Pak ISI

As noted, it’s not the issue of the rights of minority/Dalit in question, but orgs/faces who hijack these narratives against India. Why are these activists always part of the same nexus?!

Story has only just begun. The event circuit for stoking the narrative is in motion. Same network comprising Dalit Diva organize events to take the issue to academic institutions. Expect more of the same from the same set of fronts, echoed by Indian colluders– like clockwork

But if you think that it is ONLY the Pak establishment/ Jamaat that has managed to call the shots globally – from Qatar media to German media to the US Universities – we have a bridge to sell you in Virginia!

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(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by @DisinfoLab on October 13 2022, with minor edits to improve readability and conform with HinduPost styleguide)

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