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Monday, October 3, 2022

“Dirty Hindu, you eat cow s**t”: Shocking Hinduphobic attack in California, USA

A Hindu man faced a shocking Hinduphobic and racist verbal attack in California, USA. The man Krishnan J Iyer posted a video of his encounter at a Taco Bell fast food outlet in Fremont.

Krishnan mentioned that the Fremont Police came to his rescue, but it is not known if the accused has been arrested. Shockingly, the Taco Bell employees did not try to stop the attack and even continued serving food on a counter where the accused had spit during his lengthy rant.

Krishnan posted the last 8 minutes of the 15 minutes encounter he had to endure at the Taco Bell. He added that in the initial part, the abuser spat directly at him, but the spit ended up on the counter.

The video can be seen on YouTube (warning: extremely abusive and offensive language).

Here is an excerpt of the disturbing anti-Hindu bigotry and abuse: “You people are f*****g ugly, nasty..you are disgusting, retarded. He likes eating cow s**t (talking to staff)..he bathes in urine. I am going to beat your a**, n****r. You look nasty, dirty Hindu (spits). f*****g ordering bean burrito. “

Turning to the Taco Bell staff, he says “May i get a BEEF Quesadilla..eveyrthing beef, I like beef”

Then he again starts ranting at Krishnan, “You dirty m****rf****r. You f*****g ugly ass Hindu…you f****d India up, you are f*****g America up. You are disgusting with your H1-B visa…you f****g disgusting. Cow urine, that’s what you shower in. Nobody likes you, that’s why you get robbed. That’s why you m****rf*****s are victims, p**sy. Jai Hind, Jai Hind (in mocking tone, followed by derogatory gesture)”

At various points during his rant, the accused points at and advances menacingly towards Krishnan.

The accused can be seen sporting a top knot, beard, and wearing a dark T-shirt, shorts and red sneakers. Listening to the vile abuses and usual anti-Hindu tropes spewed by him, he appears to be clued into subcontinental affairs where such anti-Hindu venom is often heard from Hindu haters. He also has several tattoos on his arms, with at least 2 guns (AK-47s?) clearly discernible, leading some netizens to suspect he could be a Khalistani sympathizer.

Hinduphobic abuser showing off his tatoos (Video screengrab)

California has witnessed Khalistani rallies and other anti-Bharat hate crimes in recent past. For instance: exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D.

“Cow urine/Gaumutra drinkers” is a favorite slur of Hindu haters. It is deployed by jihadi suicide bombers, Khalistanis, liberals, Dravidianists and other assorted Hinduphobes. The subtle anti-Hindu propaganda over Hindu reverence for the cow is also peddled by sensationalist articles in Western press like BBC, Reuters etc.

Hinduphobia is fast getting ever more entrenched in the mainstream discourse of the West. While earlier it was largely confined to Christian fundamentalists, left-liberals and Islamist/Khalistani subcontinental diaspora are now using similar tropes to demonize Hindus as ‘cow urine drinkers’, ‘caste oppressors’, ‘Brahminical’ etc.

Bharat’s refusal to toe the Western line in recent years, especially on the Ukraine conflict, has further enraged the American establishment. A slew of ‘independent’ Western think-tanks have falsely castigated Bharat for ‘anti-minority acts’, ‘religious intolerance’, ‘democratic backsliding’ etc. Such rhetoric has further legitimized anti-Hindu sentiment and led to a rise in attacks on Hindus and Hindu temples in the West, and even bullying of immigrants and students.

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  1. Mithun is right.
    Whether the man is a Sikh or US native, it is not a matter of that much importance as is the growing spate Hinduphobia in USA. This is shocking! Many immigrant workers of Asian origin stay & work in USA. This Hinduphobic stance may one day culminate to gun violence, who knows?

  2. What a dumb moron! If he’s a Sikh he’s lost his marbles as Sikhism originated out of Hindus and per Guru Granth Saheb true Sikhs don’t eat beef either! All the Panj Pyare were of Hindu decent and so was Banda Bahadur – the fiercest of warriors. Guru Nanak was himself Hindu and never proclaimed himself to be Not Hindu.

  3. Am willing to bet that this man puts on turban also when he visits G’wara. He is 200% a Jutt Sikh. How do I know Jutt? His nose shape is distinctly that of Jutts.

    (you don’t have to publish this comment, like you didn’t the earlier ones, this is just my take on such folks, I have rich experience w/ them)

  4. He appears to be a Jutt Sikh, who has changed appearance. His features do not look caucasian. He is definitely a man of South Asian origin. Most likely a Jutt Sikh. Fremont is home to notorious Fremont Gurudwara, which is center of anti-Hindu and anti-India hate. This man probably got lot of his hate from there.

  5. These ant-Hindu slurps in USA are the outcome of fairly better living standards -much better than average born-Americans– for immigrant Indians most of which are Hindus. Due to Covid-19, many Americans had lost their jobs which fueled to their anger. Of course, all Americans are not so indecent. Anyway, such a hinduphobic stance is not expected in a secular, democratic country like USA.


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