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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Britain set to become global hotspot of Islamic finance

There is an extremely disturbing sign of the UK becoming a global hotspot of Islamic finance. According to media reports, the Minister of State in the Department for Business and Trade, Lord Johnson “will lead a series of roundtables with the world’s leading Islamic banks to map out a path for the UK achieving its goal of becoming a global hotspot of Islamic finance”.

Managing risk in these powerful foreign partnerships will become an issue as the economically crumbling UK looks for any avenue to build back its economy. For example, the funneling of billions of dollars from Islamic banks to al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and other jihad groups are well established. In fact, Islamic finance owes much of its foundation to unsavory jihadis, most notably Sayyid Abul Ala Maudaudi, a Pakistani Muslim scholar and Islamic jurist who was founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan, and Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Every business partnership involves both sides seeking its own interests, while negotiating an acceptable outcome for both parties. Is the UK in any position to effectively negotiate its interests in partnership with the world’s leading Islamic banks, particularly given its habit of kowtowing and subservience to Islamic groups?

The benefits of Sharia finance to Britain are being touted for its risk-sharing characteristics during turbulent economic times, and therefore the claim is that these partnerships will stabilize Britain’s economy in the long term. But there’s more than meets the eye to these partnerships. Dr. Zamir Iqbal, Vice President, Finance (Chief Financial Officer) of the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia, affirms the “integration of finance with Islamic morals and ethics,” which is another way of expressing the integration of the Sharia in every aspect of an observant Muslim’s life. The Sharia is regarded as a law above all others, is expansionary and supremacist, and rules every aspect of the Muslim life, from faith to finances.

The UK is discarding its Judeo-Christian identity and defying its own rule of law in permitting illegal, mostly Muslim migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to enter the country at will. Given the rapid growth of its Muslim population, it’s no surprise that the United Kingdom is now seeking to become an Islamic (sharia) finance “global hotspot”, even after running its own economy into the ground. At the same time, Britain is allowing its Muslim population – particularly those Muslim immigrants in spreading Islam and Sharia culture within societies while Muslim mosques and so-called community centers have become breeding grounds of jihadist indoctrination.

According to media reports, many Muslims living in the UK who should be protected under British laws are not. They are still subject to the Sharia in a democracy. This is not just happening within Britain’s 85 plus Sharia courts, which should not be in existence, but sharia rulings from abroad are also having an impact too; as seen in the case of a 14-year-old girl who lost her inheritance after being ‘identified’ as a Christian.

Over 85 human rights abusing Sharia courts were set up under Former UK leader Theresa May’s watch; she hailed the ‘benefits’ of Sharia.  Now, those courts are operating beyond the reach of British law and are oppressing and abusing Muslim women.

Another report said, Britain is gradually slipping into the grips of radical Muslims and jihadists with a large portion of London in particular being already under the control of Muslims where Sharia rules are being enforced, media reports said, now Muslim jihadists are enforcing strict Sharia rule inside British prisons.

Counterterrorism specialist Sir Jonathan Hall said self-styled emirs (mostly affiliated to the Islamic State or Daesh) have enforced Sharia rule in Belmarch and Whitemoor prisons. He made the comments in his review of how terrorism is being dealt with inside prisons in the United Kingdom as well prisons in other European Union nations.

Meanwhile, according to another news source, activities of jihadist trojan horse Tablighi Jamaat has deeply penetrated inside various prisons in England where non-Muslims are becoming targets of radicalized Muslim prisoners and in some cases are even forced to convert into Islam. Tablighi Jamaat is also offering a monthly stipend to the families of newly converted Muslim prisoners.

It said, Friday prayers are held in most of the UK prisons, where fatwas are issued openly calling upon Muslim prisoners to wage jihad against Jews, Christians and “enemies of Allah”. It also reminds the Muslim prisoners of their “divine responsibilities” of enforcing Sharia inside and outside of the prisons adding that “Muslims have responsibility of bringing lands of infidels, Jews, Christians and non-Muslims under the flag of Islam and enforce Caliphate for the sake of enjoying unending luxury and comfort in the heaven in the life after”.

Conversion to Islam in prisons refers to the modern phenomenon seen in the Western world of a statistically high incidence of incarcerated criminal non-Muslims converting to Islam while in the prison system. In the decade preceding 2014, the number of conversions to Islam among prisoners in Western countries outpaced all other religions, with the overall imprisoned Muslim population (jailhouse converts to Islam plus inmates who entered the prison system as Muslims) growing as a result.

Similar incidents are also happening in France. While Germans are fleeing to Paraguay fearing persecution by the Muslim migrants, Muslim inmates in French prisons are enforcing sharia rule. But Emmanuel Macron’s government thinks these radical Muslim inmates will come out of prison and become “loyal, productive members of French secular society”.

According to French journal Actu, inmates in Prison of Perpignan were beaten by Muslims for failing to observe Ramadan. Actu journalist Emilien Vicens in her report said:

Particularly turbulent weekend at Perpignan prison, where several scuffles broke out. The Ufap Unsa Justice union continues to denounce record prison overcrowding.

Among the most overcrowded prisons in France, the Perpignan remand center has been recording an upsurge in violence and miscellaneous events for several months. This weekend, the tension has gone up a notch again, as a result of prison overcrowding that has become unsustainable, assures Pierre Grousset, local secretary of the Ufap Unsa Justice union.

Commenting on the alarming rise of Islamism in Britain, eminent journalist Joshua Winston in an article wrote:

The only patriarchy the UK has to worry about is the Islamic one. It feels repetitive to continue talking about it, since most of the Muslim rapists are still walking the streets still grooming, raping, and terrorizing their old victims together with new ones, but the institutional rape of non-Muslim girls didn’t resonate with today’s feminists. We can speculate as to why that might be – these women tend to be educated and middle-class, and therefore they will never experience the life of a neglected 12-year-old from a broken home who is being drugged, beaten, raped and trafficked by Muslim men in the very towns these feminists also live in, and next to the hipster venues they frequent. They’ll never know either quite what it’s like to be a Muslim teenage girl on the verge of womanhood, living in the UK and excited about all of the prospects and freedoms that lie before her, only to be restrained by the confines of religious and cultural practices that are not compatible with the UK’s. These women can’t quite put themselves in those girls’ shoes, although these women ask us to put ourselves in their shoes as they demand not to be shamed for being sex-workers, or for aborting multiple babies and then making gleeful TikTok videos about the killings.

Feminists in the UK claim not to be able to walk the streets at night for fear of being raped. Even the actress Kiera Knightley has come out to say that every woman has experienced harassment in the streets, claiming that the harassment comes in the form of being flashed, groped, or in the form of threats to slit a woman’s throat. She’s a multi-millionaire and she doesn’t live in Rotherham. The streets of her wealthy suburb must surely be going to the dogs if this is her “lived experience”.

There are countless women, most of them Muslim, who are trapped in arranged marriages in the UK today, in fear of their lives, with no chance of escape, living under threats of violence. Forget about not being able to walk the streets at night, which these women can’t do, at least not without a male chaperone. These women live in fear as they walk the floorboards of their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens in their own homes. Again, feminists are silent on the issue. Think of these women in marriages where rape isn’t a notion, where the woman has no right to say no to a man’s demands for sex. Forced into first-cousin marriages with no say in the matter, and this means nothing to UK feminists. The offspring from these marriages in which, through successive generations, first cousins have been breeding with each other and producing children with gene disorders, doesn’t tug on the heartstrings of feminists, either. Some of these offspring will be female. Do the lives of these girls not matter to feminists?

Fifty-five percent of Pakistani-heritage women in the UK are in forced, first-cousin marriages and are made to produce offspring that are all too often disabled, stillborn, or who will die in early infancy. The mutations these babies are born with will only get worse with each successive first cousin coupling. The gene-pool tightens with every sharia blessing. This marriage slavery should be of concern to British feminists. Why are they not outside the mosques and sharia courts like their German counterparts?

Is it fear that lies behind the silence? UK feminists are terrified of Muslim men. They are terrified of Islam.

According to Ken McCallum, the then Director-General of British spy agency MI5, Islamist jihadists remains as the biggest terror threat to the United Kingdom, while the mainstream media has chosen to hype his remarks on the comparatively minor threat from the far-right instead.

According to an Arab News report, The British Secretary of State for Business and Trade, Kemi Badenoch, and Minister of State in the Department for Business and Trade Lord Johnson  announced on Monday the launch of a new working group on Islamic Finance at a “Great British Iftar” at Lancaster House in London. The working group will help realize the Secretary of State’s priority of making the UK an undisputed investment destination by ensuring the UK is a global hub for Islamic finance, a statement said. 

Celebrity chef and founder of Spice Village, Suleman Raza, and award-winning music producer DJ Naughty Boy (Shahid Khan) curated a special “British Iftar Menu” for the evening, which served up a fusion of cuisines inspired by Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan and Malaysia.

This is how the UK is entering in a bigger way into the hole of Islamist trap. And most certainly this wave of Islamic finance or Sharia finance shall get further expanded into other Western nations, including the United States and Europe.

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research-scholar, counterterrorism specialist and editor of Weekly Blitz. Follow him on Twitter @Salah_Shoaib


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