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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Australian govt. funds Sikh charity with links to Khalistanis

A Khalistan Referendum car rally was organized in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, December 10. Such ‘referendums’ are not new and have been organized in the past in other Western countries like Canada and UK too by the US-based terror outfit ‘Sikhs For Justice’ (SFJ), which is proscribed in Bharat.

This time too, SFJ activists are reported to have flown in to Australia for the car rally, which failed to elicit support but did manage to sow fear and revive painful memories among the local Sikh and Hindu communities.

On November 19, a Nagar Kirtan (neighborhood processional singing of holy hymns) organized in Melbourne by Victorian Sikh Gurdwaras Council (VSGC) had also witnessed participation by noxious Khalistani elements. Victoria is one of the 6 states of Australia, with Melbourne as its capital. Worryingly, the man leading the Khalistani group in that procession was one Amritvir Singh, an executive committee member of the VSGC and also a member of Australia’s ruling left-wing Labour Party.

But another shocking revelation has come to light regarding the Khalistani car rally organized in Melbourne this past weekend.

The rally started from from Sri Guru Singh Sabha-Craigieburn Gurudwara and reached Gurdwara Sahib Tarneit via Gurudwara Sahib Plympton and Gurudwara Miri Piri, reports The Australia Today.

Now, the Craigieburn Gurudwara also has an associated charity/NGO called Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Cultural Society of Victoria Incorporated, which enjoys income tax exemption and other govt. concessions. This outfit has received over $1 million (INR 5.6 crore) in various Australian govt. grants, as per Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.


Incidentally, in 2019, the annual nagar kirtan organized by VSGC had received a grant of AUD 40,000 (around INR 22 lakh) from the Victorian govt. as part of the Sikh Celebrations and Events Fund.

In February this year, massive photographs of late pro-Khalistan actor-activist Deep Sidhu with the words “India kills Sikhs” and “End Hindu Fascism” and accompanying Khalistani flags had come up outside the Sri Guru Singh Sabha-Craigieburn gurudawara. While the gurudwara management was reported as saying the posters were ‘not endorsed’ by them, pro-Khalistani media outlet Baaznews quoted a Gurudwara official as saying, “Craigieburn Gurudwara’s Committee has no problem with Khalistani messaging”.

It is evident that Khalistanis like Amritvir Singh have managed to infiltrate many gurudwara committees and other Sikh bodies in the West. In general, Khalistanis and other Breaking India separatists and anti-Hindu fanatics have established deep roots in Western societies of the Anglosphere.

And as is so often the case, a vocal minority manages to drown out the voice of the majority. Ordinary Sikhs who object to these Khalistani fanatics face harassment.

As one Sikh told The Australia Today, “I have been very vocal about the Khalistan issue. I and my wife have warned the Gurudwara management committee several times about discriminatory behaviour of certain individuals when non-Sikhs come to Gurudwara….I have received many no call id phone calls abusing me and telling me that I am not real Sikh but a Hindu-RSS dog.”

Sikh youth are being indoctrinated to threaten Hindu visitors to stay away. “Tu Hindu- Tu Bahman, Aisi vekh lenvenge.” (You Hindu- You Brahman, we will deal with you), one Hindu man who runs a business with a Sikh partner was told recently at the Tarneit Gurudwara in Melbourne.

“Tell me what shall I do, my business partner apologised several times because of those idiots’ conduct but now I will not take my 12-year-old to listen to such hatred,” said the visibly upset Hindu man.

The Australian government needs to review its grant-making operations and stamp down on such dangerous elements who don’t just threaten Bharat’s integrity, but are also spreading a divisive, bigoted and hateful ideology in Australia. Any outfit which receives Australian taxpayer money should not be allowed to indulge in activities that hurt Bharat, an important partner for Australia and a fellow Quad nation.

Australia and the rest of the Anglosphere should ask themselves how they would react if the boot was on the other foot, i.e. if registered entities in Bharat were to openly foment separatism in Australia and other Western nations, under the garb of free speech.

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  1. The Australian government deliberately runs a blind eye to such activities where it suits their long term foreign policy objectives. Australia supported elements of the various anti Yugoslav fronts and even offered military training to the Croatians to destabilize Yugoslavia in the 1980s.

    Australia continues to fund and train subversives from “friendly” nations like Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In other places like Malaysia the Australian government actively facilitated a campaign of false propaganda using its form deputy prime minister and foreign minister Julie Bishop to spearhead attacks on the Najib Razak government whilst actively supporting with financial and media assistance Anwar Ibrahim the man who is current prime minister of Malaysia.

  2. Many Gurudwaras in USA, UK, Australia are hardcore Khalistani. Last year, Indian diplomats to some G’wara in Aus were heckled and not allowed to enter. In USA, nearly all G’waras have open policy of not allowing Indian diplomats. All this is going on for years now. We are happily ignoring it.


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