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Thursday, May 30, 2024

American think-tank calls out US inaction against Khalistani activists

An American think tank called the Hudson Institute has called upon US authorities to urgently investigate US-based Khalistani separatists who are being assisted by Pakistan. This recommendation forms part of the report called “Pakistan’s Destabilization Playbook: Khalistani Activism in the US”. 

The report warned the US government that left unchecked Khalistan terrorism could damage US foreign policy in South Asia. A perfect example would be the current Canada-Bharat diplomatic relationship. Despite having incriminating evidence, the report noted that the US government has shown no interest in violence carried out by anti-Bharat Khalistan activists.

Most Sikhs in USA are law-abiding citizens and the community as a whole is peaceful, the report added, but a section of radical Khalistani separatists propped up by Pakistan are hijacking the community’s agenda. 

Hudson Institute with help from a host of Bharatiya subcontinental experts conducted in-depth research where they analyzed 55 radical groups. These groups included separatists from both Kashmir and ‘Khalistan’, operating out of the US. 

The common factor binding all these separatists is that Pakistan provides them with support, funding & military training. These groups, in turn, have close ties with militants and terrorists based out of Bharat. Pakistan’s support for separatists in Kashmir is well documented but the Khalistani connections are not as widely understood.

Hudson Institute wants the US to employ the same tactics it uses with Islamist extremist groups, against the Khalistani terrorists too. It says that even though actual violence takes place in far-off Bharat, recruitment and fundraising for terrorism purposes must never be allowed on US soil. 

They warn that what is happening in the US in the name of peaceful protests is just the beginning of a new wave of violence aimed at Punjab. Both Khalistani and Kashmiri ‘activists’ staged combined protest marches against Bharat in New York. 

Emboldened by US inaction, these separatists joined in protests that happened in Houston, Washington DC, London, Ottawa, Geneva, Brussels and other European capital cities. The leaders of these separatist groups in the US even published open letters requesting the leaders of Russia, China and Pakistan for support. Hudson Institute found that both groups share donors, lawyers and accountants.

Khalistan’s most vocal supporters are based out of the US, Canada, Australia and England, the Anglosphere. They use Sikh places of worship to attract followers and to incite violence back home in the name of slain Punjabi terrorists. Despite repeated requests from Bharat, these countries have not moved against those separatists or shared intelligence. 

All Khalistani groups working out of the US should be properly investigated to prevent a repeat of the violence that occurred back in the 1980s and early 1990s. Back then, Khalistanis based out of Canada bombed the Air India Flight 182 flying from Montreal to London that left 329 innocents dead. Thousands were killed and injured in Punjab in that decade.

The report adds that the collection of evidence regarding unlawful activities does not come under its scope of work. On the surface, none of these groups has been accused of a crime in the US. Still, recent anti-Bharat activism is clearly being created out of the US. 

Immediate action is required where the US government has to provide intelligence and law enforcement support to help Bharat. Khalistani movements should be tracked and their information shared with Bharat. It warns that unless preempted, it might be too late before these terrorists start killing a huge number of innocents. 

The real question is why don’t these countries act and why do they continue to harbor terrorists. USA’s continued, all-weather support to a terrorist, Islamofascist nation like Pakistan that wants to destroy Bharat, should be an eyesore for Bharat’s strategic thinkers. Unfortunately, most of our strategic community is compromised and ideologically bankrupt, so they act as apologists for American actions.

Only Trump had taken some meaningful action against Pakistan by cutting $300 million in military aid, otherwise the US establishment, whether under Republican or Democrat Presidents, has always turned a blind eye to Pakistani acts of terror and aggression against Bharat.

All talk of US being an ally of Bharat, of ‘partnering’ us in the Quad alliance, is hollow as long as it and the rest of the Anglosphere (UK, Canada, Australia) refuse to take basic steps against Khalistani and Kashmiri separatists operating from their soil. Actually, this is nothing but a continuation of the pro-Pakistan policy adopted by UK from the time of partition. UK knew maintaining a foothold in Pakistan was key to protect its interests in the Middle East and Central Asia. A UK military officer Maj. William Brown aided Pakistan in seizing control of Gilgit-Baltistan which falls in PoJK (Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir).

Unstated support for Pakistan in its perennial religious war against Bharat, and keeping the fires of anti-Bharat secessionist movements smoldering, has been the chosen method of the UK-US deep state to contain Bharat and keep it in check, while publicly praising us for our democracy and reminding us of Gandhi’s ‘greatness’.

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