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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Afghan refugees in the US charged with child rape and spousal assault

Two Afghan refugees were charged in a Wisconsin, USA court for crimes committed while they were staying at a local Army base after being taken out of Afghanistan.

Bahrullah Noori, a 20-year-old Afghan refugee was arrested for raping a minor after subduing him/her and for attempting to sexually violate others after overpowering them. All his victims were aged 16 or less. 32-year-old Mohammad Haroon Imaad was charged with assault after his wife complained that he choked and suffocated her.

Imaad’s wife told US soldiers through an interpreter that he used to beat her while in Afghanistan due to which she lost vision in both her eyes. She added that he beat their children regularly. She accused Imaad of rape and abuse, both verbal and physical. He threatened to send her back to the Taliban who would ‘deal with her.’ He added that 9 women were killed since getting to Fort McCoy and promised to make her the 10th.

The two are not in Afghanistan but staying at a US Army base called Fort McCoy, after being ‘rescued’ from Afghanistan. Around 13,000 Afghans are housed there since they were flown in from their ill-fated country following the US withdrawal. Fort McCoy is an immense 250 odd square kilometer military base in Wisconsin. 

Noori & Imaad have been removed from their camp and are now imprisoned in a local jail. If convicted, Noori could end up behind bars for a minimum of 30 years and a maximum of life. Imaad faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. 

These incidents come in the wake of allegations that the Biden administration failed to vet Afghans with criminal records or ties with the Taliban and flew them into the US.  It is also suspicious that thousands of other Afghans who served US-led NATO forces during the 20-year war were left to defend themselves in unfriendly territory. Just 3% of  Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) (meant for the US military’s Afghan allies) holders have been ‘rescued.’

The SIVs themselves number around 73,000 which means around 50,000 more can be expected to arrive shortly. Such incidents have not gone down well with locals who plan to resist if more such refugees come into their country, unvetted. 

Child ‘Brides’ & Polygamous Families

In the chaotic evacuation of Afghans from Kabul, older men with young girls were admitted after they claimed that the minors were  “brides.” Media reports suggested that the US State Department attempted “urgent guidance” from other agencies after child brides were noticed at Fort McCoy. It is not known whether Noori and Imaad came from such families.

Afghan girls at a transit location in Abu Dhabi alleged they were raped by older men and then forced to marry them, in order to escape Afghanistan. U.S. officials at the Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi described allegations of sexual assault by their “husbands” and wanted guidance on how to handle those cases. 

AP mentioned a document, titled “Afghanistan Task Force SitRep No. 63,”  and added that “Intake staff at Fort McCoy reported multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families.”  “Department of State has requested urgent guidance.” Apparently, no help came.

US officials now admit that such cases are difficult to prove and blame the ‘rush’ of Afghan evacuees at multiple locations in the Middle East, Europe and the US!

Bacha Baazi – Pedophilia and boy child sexual abuse

A centuries-old repulsive tradition that continues even today in parts of Afghanistan is that of adult men sexually exploiting boys aged between 9 to 15. A social scientist who investigated this phenomenon suggested that at least half the Pashtun tribals are ‘Bacha Baz,’ attracted to minor boys.

Many men are addicted to this pedophilia and retain their ‘boys’ even after marriage. Islamist mullahs preach that menstruating women are “unclean” and therefore repugnant. Ironically, the same Islamists stone homosexuals to death, but exempt themselves by mentioning that they are ‘not in love’ with their boys.

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