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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Jammu women medicos targeted and threatened for sharing pro-Pak sloganeering video: Kashmir

Two Hindu women are being targeted by Islamists for raising their voice against pro-Pakistan sloganeering in Srinagar’s government medical college. MBBS student Ananya Jamwal and doctor Monika Langeh, both natives of Jammu, are being targeted and harassed by Islamists on social media. Terrorists have issued a threat, calling them “non local employees and students”.

FIRs were filed against those who raised pro-Pakistan slogans in the Srinagar government medical college and Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS). Ananya Jamwal, a student of SKIMS who has now migrated to GMC Jammu, was targeted by one Abdullah Ghazi and Firdous Mehak on Twitter after she shared the videos of the sloganeering students.

They claimed that she is behind filing FIR on the Muslim students who shouted pro-Pakistani sloagns after the Indian cricket team lost to Pakistan in the T20  World Cup league match. Abdullah Ghazi tweeted that Ananya is a ‘police informer’ and that she is behind filing FIRs on the anti-Bharat students. It must be remembered that many civilians have been recently murdered by terrorists in Kashmir after they were branded ‘police informers’


Ananya revealed in her Twitter timeline that she has since been receiving hate messages through all forms of social media calling her an ‘RSS agent’ and a ‘mole’.

She tweeted the posts of Mehak Firdous shared in Instagram which read “we need to collectively single out each of them”. The post implied that Ananya and Monika are ‘outsiders’ who spit venom on Kashmiri Muslims.

While Ananya had merely shared a video of some girls at SKIMS shouting pro-Pakistani slogans, Islamist accounts have spread misinfo in social media that Ananya is the one who filed the FIR and is a ‘police informer’.

Abdullah Ghazi had tweeted ““Police informer and main culprit behind SKIMS FIR & UAPA identified as RSS member and worker Ananya Jamwal, an outsider Dogra who’s currently pursuing her medical course from the college”. Calling her and Monika “sanghans” he accused them of “launching a massive campaign against local Kashmiri.”

Not only this, United Liberation Front, a proxy of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba terror outfit has issued a statement threatening those who lodged complaints against the pro-Pakistani anti-Bharat students.

The terror outfit had claimed responsibility for the recent attacks on Hindus from other states. It issued a warning to the concerned people in its statement threatening them of having to face “dire consequences” unless they apologised in 48 hours. It called those who opposed and exposed the pro-Pakistan mentality of students and doctors at SKIMS as “non locals” and ended the statement with “We are watching and don’t blame what outcome will befall on you”.

This new development has further demonstrated the reality of the threat Hindus living in Kashmir face due to the Islamist hate prevalent there. Support to the two affected women has poured in from all quarters.

However the fact remains that there is a threat to their and other Hindus’ lives for standing with Bharat. Even Hindu Dogras who are native to J&K aren’t being spared, contradicting the left liberal claim that Kashmiris are only upset with ‘demographic change’ and with abrogation of Article 370.

Authorities must take all steps to ensure the protection of Ananya Jamwal and Dr. Monika Langeh. Those threatening them must feel the full force of the law.

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