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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Is the PFI handling Kerala CPM?

Top Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPM leaders are least bothered with the Chengannur Cheriyanad revolt within the party, where 38 top local leaders resigned. They left disgusted and openly blamed terrorist influence within the CPM.

These en masse resignations were to protest the CPM leadership’s links with the banned terrorist organization Popular Front of India (PFI). Allegedly, PFI terrorists manage CPM offices during the day and become SDPI after sundown.

They quit since the Cheriyanad south local committee secretary Mohammed Sheed was working hand in glove with the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), PFI’s political wing. Cheriyanad village is 7 km from Chengannur railway station in Alappuzha District. This station is the closest for pilgrims on their way to Sabarimala. 

A couple of grassroots leaders leaving any political party due to personal differences is common, but that is not the case at Cheriyanad. About forty leaders have resigned, including branch secretaries and subsidiary organization officers. It includes communist cronies who have infiltrated various government offices without qualifications or merit, bypassing the Kerala PSC. 

CPM leaders are trying hard to hide their nexus with PFI and its political outfit SDPI. The more they conceal, the better it gets exposed as the days pass. The Cheriyanad branch secretary’s resignation indicates CPM’s unholy relationship with Islamic extremists. These terrorists now divide society in the name of religion and carry out anti-national activities. 

Local CPM secretary Lijo Joy’s resignation letter tore apart CPM’s pseudo-secularism. It stated that Sheed, a religious fundamentalist, criticized Hindu party members for sandalwood on their foreheads. Still, Sheed’s father hoisted the flag wearing a Turkish Khilafat model Muslim religious hat at the town branch party conference.

This incident happened in Sheed’s presence, and neither Sheed nor anyone present criticized it then. Joy described in his letter that they rather respected it. By not censuring the cap, the religious bias of the local committee secretary was revealed. Doesn’t Joy know secularism is a one-way street regarding radical and political Islam?

The letter alleged that Sheed was running a hotel business in partnership with religious extremists accused of killing 19-year-old ABVP Karyakarta Vishal Kumar near Chengannur in 2012. Sheed and Vishal case accused Ashiq and his brother Ashad are business partners.

As a member of the CPM Area Committee and Local Secretary, the relationship with them (SDPI) is unsuitable for a comrade, Joy noted. Communal organizations are deep-rooted in Cheriyanad, yet speaking out against communalism is impossible.

The letter said that the LC secretary, supposed to lead the fight against communalism, is questioning the party’s credibility. Joy said he saw Sheed working with terrorists at many points. Sheed abused those questioning his misdeeds and asked them to join the BJP. Comrades are ashamed of facing the public.

Sheed does not speak a single word against communalism and sectarianism. Joy also revealed that Sheed refused to organize an anti-communal meeting called by the party’s state committee.

CPM leader Sheed’s connivance helped the SDPI win the local committee secretary’s ward election. Several CPM members complained to the party leadership multiple times about the collusion of the PFI terrorists with the murder accused. Party leaders mentioned vote bank politics and refused to take any action against Sheed and his cronies in the CPM.

Needless to say, those involved in the mutiny were mostly non-Muslims. Marxism has never been lenient on dissent, and these leaders might find the going tough in the future. T P Chandrasekharan, who rebelled and broke away to establish a new outfit, was hacked and stabbed 51 times. The CPM then habitually lets loose such political murder convicts on bail to handle their dirty work.   

This is not the first time the CPM-PFI nexus in the Alappuzha district has recently been hotly debated.

During the last assembly elections, CPM veteran G Sudhakaran who has a lot of tradition in the party was denied a ticket by the CPM leadership. An alleged radical replaced Sudhakaran in the Ambalappuzha Constituency to appease Islamic fundamentalists. Current MLA H Salam faces accusations of having links with terrorist organizations. 

The CPM censured Sudhakaran after he refused to campaign for Salam. Another victim from Alappuzha was former CM V S Achuthandan, who was forced to make way for the autocratic Pinarayi Vijayan. 

Minister Saji Cherian, considered Sudhakaran’s opponent, was criticized for his attitude favoring the PFI. Cherian resigned as a minister for defaming the constitution and was allegedly reinstated to appease the radical elements. Salam is close to Cherian.

Cherian openly patronized CPM Alappuzha councilor A Shahnawaz, accused of smuggling banned narcotic tobacco products worth over Rs 1 cr. Shanawaz was famously pardoned by the party and later by Kerala police after justifying his actions and added he prayed five times daily. He could be questioned again since three CPM workers filed an Enforcement Directorate FIR asking for a financial audit of his assets.

In December 2021, BJP state president K Surendran wanted the police to probe the role of Salam in connection with the murder of OBC Morcha state secretary Ranjith Sreenivasan in Alappuzha. Surendran alleged that police let go of an ambulance taken into custody with armed SDPI cadres on the fateful day Ranjith was murdered. 

Surendran said the ambulance that ferried the criminal gang was used as a hearse vehicle to carry the body of the slain SDPI leader K S Shan. The ambulance had come from Irumbakassery near Thrithala in the Palakkad district, whereas SDPI operates a fleet of ambulances in the Alappuzha district. 

“A murder attempt, similar to the one carried out against Ranjith, had occurred in Irumbakassery two years ago. The limbs of BJP worker Manoj were broken using a hammer. It’s the same way Ranjith was killed,” alleged Surendran. Neither did Kerala police inquire nor did BJP follow up, but it later became apparent that 1,000 odd policemen were PFI infiltrators.   

No other than now dead, but then CPM party secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has vehemently supported Salam. After the PFI was banned late last year, there were allegations that lone CPM MP from Kerala, A M Arif, and Ambalappuzha MLA Salam are PFI binamis in CPM.

Arif was among the few leaders who supported PFI terrorists and termed their arrests ‘unilateral.’ Communist leader Arif also told his fellow Muslims that ‘one should not surrender to anyone other than Allah.’ 

Taliban Model Attacks

 In a Taliban-model attack on 4 July 2010, the right hand of Prof T J Joseph was chopped off by PFI & SDPI activists. Joseph had allegedly been responsible for setting up a question for a test paper in which he had purportedly blasphemed Prophet Muhammad. A PFI ‘court‘ had found him guilty and passed a sentence of amputation.

On 17 July 2012, Vishal Kumar, a 19-year-old ABVP Karyakarta, was murdered in Kerala by goons associated with the Campus Front of India (CFI) inside the Chengannur Christian College in the Alappuzha district. CFI was the student wing of the PFI and has since been banned. It is a notorious reincarnation of the banned terrorist organization SIMI.

ABVP volunteers welcomed first-year graduate students when a group of Islamists from outside campus arrived and started abusing the RSS and Bhagavati Saraswati. Vishal attempted to diffuse the tension, but CFI terrorists attacked Vishal and other ABVP volunteers with knives, daggers, and other sharp weapons.

Vishal was a promising young worker of the Sangh. He strengthened the Sangh work in his village and started new shakhas in the nearby villages too. Through his contact and campaign, Vishal had been cautioning Hindus about the evil designs of Islamic fundamentalists. He was instrumental in checking several grooming jihad attempts in and around that area.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Vishal completed his preliminary studies in London. He renounced the materialistic lifestyle there and devoted his free time to learning more about his Bharatiya roots, culture, our sacred language Sanskrit, and the holy scriptures. Thus he came to Bharat and started his second life for the nation.

Thousands gathered at his funeral when his family arrived. Vipin, his elder brother, standing near the pyre, sang Jeevitham Ambe Nin Poojaykay, Maranam Devi Nin Mahimaykay – (This life, Oh Mother, is for your service, and death, Oh Bhagavati, unto your greatness).

Vishal’s story can be read here. He waits for justice while his terrorist murderers run establishments with fellow green communists.

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