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Sunday, September 19, 2021


Temple Encroachment

Omkarnath Matha premises encroached in Tarakeshwar, West Bengal; Matha head threatened

The premises of Omkarnath Matha at Tarakeshwar, West Bengal have been encroached and the head of the maṭha threatened, reports Bengali newspaper Bartaman.  The head...

Temple priest burnt alive by encroachers on temple land in Rajasthan

A temple priest who was set afire by five people in Karauli's Sapotra police jurisdiction, Rajasthan over an alleged property dispute has succumbed to...

Elderly temple manager murdered by squatter after 25 year legal battle over ₹ 4/month rent

An 80-year-old Brahmin Hindu man living in the temple town of Kumbakonam was recently murdered by a disgruntled squatter to exact revenge for being...

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