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Friday, September 17, 2021


Stereotyping Hindu Dharma

Netizens slam Reuters for playing up obscure ‘cow dung’ story to fuel Western stereotypes about Hindus

The most common anti-Hindu slur used by Hindupbhobes is 'cow-piss drinker'. Whether it is an Islamist suicide-bomber, evangelical missionary, Khalistani, or just your garden-variety...

Dear Kiara Advani, “Indoo ki Jawani” is a slap on the face of your Sindhi Hindu sisters suffering in Pakistan

Another Bollywood film based on a cross-border romance has hit theatres today. And as always, Hindus are the ones shown with bigoted, pre-conceived notions...

Hindus critical of Paris Opera hosting culturally insensitive ballet “La Bayadère”

Hindus are critical of Opéra national de Paris (France) for hosting during its 2020-21 season ballet “La Bayadère”, which they feel seriously trivializes Eastern...

Stereotyping Hindu Dharma in American Education

This essay is based on an inquiry in which I wondered why: Hindu kids and even adults in America are apologetic about their religion,...

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