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Bharatiya lives don’t matter

At the opening of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup in Dubai, Bharatiya team was on their knees to raise awareness of Black Lives Matter....

Exploring the Mahabharata Within

Mahabharata within,  an online  exploratory workshop  blended Bharatiya Knowledge Traditions such as Yoga, theatre, dance, art, contemplative conversations  and process work using the Mahabharata as a framework to explore the human psyche

A Danish Hindu’s Quest for Enlightenment

This interview broadcasts the message of a young Danish gentleman, who is now a spiritual seeker and walks on the path of enlightenment. This...

Bharat’s Ex-Muslims – Shedding Traditional Islam

Bharat is witnessing the emergence of a movement of ‘ex-Muslims’. Troubled by the involvement of Muslims in suicide bombings in primarily Muslim countries...

You Are the Universe

Antarmukha samaaradhya bahirmukha sudurlabha (One who looks inward and meditates will realize the spirit of goddess, whereas one who searches for the divine spirit externally,...

Hindu Self-Realization versus Christian and Islamic Dogma

Hindu Dharma finds its summary in the great statements (Mahavakyas) of Vedanta, as taught in the Upanishads over three thousand years ago. These statements...

आत्मबोध और एकेश्वरवाद – सारे रास्ते सामान नहीं हैं

अनन्य (exclusive) एकेश्वरवाद की सीमाएं अब्राहमिक परम्पराएं( इस्लाम, ईसाइयत आदि) एकेश्वरवादी होती हैं और केवल एक ईश्वर को मानती हैं। फिर भी उनका एकेश्वरवाद बहुत...

Why Saving Souls and Conversion is False Imagination

The western term “soul” is sometimes used for the Hindu term “Atman”. The two terms can be very different in meaning...

Self-realization versus Monotheism – All paths are not the same

Abrahamic traditions are monotheistic and recognize that there is only one God. Yet their monotheism is largely exclusivist. Their One God does not tolerate any other Gods and is often at war with them.

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