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Chandragupta II Vikramaditya – devout Vaishnava of Gupta dynasty who carried forward his father’s legacy

The Gupta Empire is credited with ushering a Golden Age in Bharat. Chandragupta II, son of Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta, was one of the powerful rulers...

The effective administrative system of Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta

Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta’s reign (read first three parts of the series here – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) ushered in an age of...

Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta: the warrior who conquered every battlefield

In the first two parts (1 & 2) we presented to you the lineage of the Gupta kingdom and among other things the military...

Aryavarta and Dakshinapatha conquests of Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta

In the first part on our series on Gupta Dynasty’s illustrious emperor Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta, successor of Chandragupta I, we had introduced you to his...

Maharajadhiraja Samudragupta – ruler of the Golden Age of Bharat

Bharat has a rich ‘itihasa’ (history) that often finds no place in our history text-books (a fact we don’t tire of highlighting time and...

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