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Nehruvian Idea of India

Nehru’s faltering legacy in science and technology

Every nation looks upon science and technology as a savior to her problems, an instrument of mass amelioration from poverty and all types of...

एनसीईआरटी द्वारा जारी है इतिहास की पुस्तकों में तथ्यों से खिलवाड़

बार बार इतिहास की पुस्तकों में शब्दों की गलत व्याख्या के कारण बच्चों के मन में गलत छवियाँ बैठती जा रही हैं और ऐसा...

No Hindol, its not the affluent class but Nehruvian power elite who are responsible for Covid-19 crisis

With the Covid-19 second wave raging through Bharat, commentary on need for introspection, systemic failures, societal attitudes, proposed solutions etc was expected. Such churning...

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