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The most potent astras of Mahabharata

Kurukshetra, located in present-day Haryana, witnessed one of the most destructive battles in the annals of Bharatvarsha. Several Astras (weapons) were used during this...

Netizens school CJI for referring to Mahabharata as ‘mythology’ and Sri Krishna’s mediation as ‘failed’

We live in a world dominated by Abrahamic religions and cultures. On top of that, having endured brutal colonization by a European power like...

Tales of Bharat – little known Dharmic stories

Tales of Bharat by Rati Hegde Ji is a collection of stories from the glorious epics, legends, folklore, and history that attempts to bring...

Mahābhārata is the encyclopedia of ancient Bharat – do you know what your region was called back then?

Here is a fascinating map of all the places of ancient Bharat as mentioned in Mahābhārata. This map is put on display in Purana...

King as divine in Mahabharata

The concept of considering king as divine or representation of divine finds its strongest suport in Hindu Polity in Mahabharata. In Hindu Polity, Manusmriti...

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute suffers from a colonial hangover?

I have refrained from writing this thread, I should have written this while I was attending the very first Mahabharat Parvan class organised by...

Righteousness vs Loyalty

In the Ramayana, one will find the character of Sri Rama portrayed by Valmiki as a personification of Dharma (righteousness). Through the mouth of...

अपने ग्रन्थ न पढ़ने के दुष्परिणाम

इन दिनों हमारा धर्म कई प्रकार के अतिक्रमणों का शिकार है।  उस पर हर प्रकार से आक्रमण तो हो ही रहे हैं, परन्तु जो...

Exploring the Mahabharata Within

Mahabharata within,  an online  exploratory workshop  blended Bharatiya Knowledge Traditions such as Yoga, theatre, dance, art, contemplative conversations  and process work using the Mahabharata as a framework to explore the human psyche

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