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Saturday, December 9, 2023



जल्लीकट्टू: मिटाई जा रही है हिन्दू पहचान तो वहीं पशु तस्करों के निशाने पर भी जल्लीकट्टू के बैल

धीरे धीरे हर जनपर्व एवं जन आयोजन से हिन्दू पहचानों को मिटाने का सिलसिला जारी है। ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि पहचान मिटाने का...

Muslim men from Haryana smuggle Jallikattu bulls for slaughter & run over a cop in TN

5 Muslim men from Haryana have been caught while trying to smuggle cattle from Madurai to Kerala. They reportedly targeted Jallikattu bulls and sold...

“No Vibhuti or Kumkum”, owners asked to erase Hindu identities of bulls to participate in Jallikattu

In an attempt to erase its Hindu identity, Jallikattu bull owners were asked not to apply Chandan, Kumkum and turmeric when they bring the...

TN villages gear up for Jallikattu

The villages of Tamil Nadu are gearing up for Jallikattu with the season commencing along with the Pongal celebrations. However, the state Health department has...

‘Can state allow Jallikattu based on its perception of cultural rights’, SC asks TN govt

The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Tamil Nadu government whether an animal can be used for the entertainment of humans, while hearing petitions...

‘If animals can’t make choice, can they have liberty?’: SC bench headed by Justice KM Joseph during hearing on pleas against Jallikattu

The Supreme Court on Thursday while hearing petitions challenging a Tamil Nadu law allowing 'jallikattu', queried if the animals cannot make a choice, can...

The politics of Jallikattu

In the absence  of  grounded perspectives on the need to preserve, conserve and nourish traditional sports such as Jallikattu,  the entire narrative risks being used as political photo op, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!”

Hindus cheer as temple bull is reunited with cow friend – Madurai, TN

In a heartwarming turn of events, a temple bull and its cow friend were reunited to the joy of locals who couldn't bear to...

Successful left-liberal machinations in Sabarimala forebode grim future for Hindus

The Sabarimala hearing on 13th November, 2018 was a farce. Even by layman logic, the impugned judgment should have been stayed while taking stock...

The Supreme Court of India Celebrates the 350th Anniversary of Aurangzeb’s Banning of Diwali Fireworks

Recently the SCI banned the sale of crackers in the Delhi-NCR region citing air pollution as being against the human right to health, and...

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