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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Indus Valley Civilisation

What Reich’s study says and doesn’t about how Bharatiyas came to be

In the 1850s, Max Müller – a German orientalist who lived in Britain most of his life – introduced the notion of an Aryan race...

Everything you need to know about Keezhadi: anti-Hindu conspiracy to rewrite Tamil history

The archaeological site of Keezhadi has made much news in past few years. Starting in 2015, excavations were done at this site and have...

Majority South Asians are descendants of Harappans

Majority of South Asians today are descendants of Harappans, says veteran archaeologist Prof Vasant Shinde. "The genetic evidence coupled with archaeological evidence indicates continuity till...

A note on chariots excavated at Sanauli, Baghpat, UP

This article will discuss the important archaeological finds of at least three excavated chariots found by archaeologists at Sanauli (Sinauli) in Baghpat district, UP....

Indus Valley Civilisation May Pre-Date Egypt’s Pharoahs: Ancient Society is 2,500 Years Older Than Thought

With its impressive pyramids and complex rules, Ancient Egypt may seem to many the epitome of an advanced early civilisation. But new evidence suggests...

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