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Friday, September 17, 2021


History textbook

Merely 3 weeks after coming to power, DMK attacks ‘prejudiced’ education curriculum

Even though it is not even a month since DMK came to power, they have already started targeting education, the first priority of Nehruvian...

Aurangzeb destroyed 1000s of Hindu temples; No he never rebuilt any

A one-sided and distorted narrative has been part of academic history textbooks since several decades. An NCERT History textbook of Standard XII, titled Themes of...

‘Objective whitewash for objective history’ – how communist historians negated the record of Islam

"This is an old charge which keeps surfacing now and then," wrote one of those "eminent historians", K. N. Panikkar, in an vituperative response...

Maha govt. replaces Hutatma Sukhdev with ‘Kurban Hussain’ in eight standard Marathi textbook

What does a secular government do when it has to balance nationalism and secularism? The Maharashtra Education Board under the secular government of Shiv...

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