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Friday, September 22, 2023


Hindu beliefs

Kerala speaker AN Shamseer insults Hindu Bhagwans & beliefs

A police complaint has been filed against Kerala Assembly Speaker AN Shamseer for insulting Bhagwan Ganesha and Hindu beliefs. BJP Yuva Morcha Mullakkal constituency...

Russian woman deported from Bali for offending Hindus by posing nude in front of sacred tree

A Russian woman was deported from Bali after her nude photos on a sacred tree went viral. She was visiting Bali on an investor...

Cop stomps on camphor lit by devotees in Srirangam chariot festival

A Traffic policeman was seen stomping on the camphor lighted by devotees to extinguish it in Tamil Nadu. Lighting camphor and breaking coconut during...

DMK govt violates Agama rules to rush temple consecration, pujaris warn of dire consequences

The anti-Hindu DMK government has been meddling in Hindu traditions and temple affairs since it assumed power in May 2021. The latest on the...

Christian anchor cum DMK member mocks usage of sacred ash in kids program

In a TV program for kids, Vibhuti, the sacred ash was mocked and equated with excretion of all kinds. Unsurprisingly the anchor who brought...

Christian doctor wears footwear inside temple- Villagers refuse to get vaccinated until she leaves

The incident of a Christian doctor in Tamil Nadu refusing to remove her footwear while sitting inside a temple has woken many slumbering Hindus...

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