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Friday, September 17, 2021



Chola era hospital that used Gaumutra as medicine

We know that our temples served as centres of learning, arts and even as hospitals. In this pandemic also they are serving as hospitals...

Netizens slam Reuters for playing up obscure ‘cow dung’ story to fuel Western stereotypes about Hindus

The most common anti-Hindu slur used by Hindupbhobes is 'cow-piss drinker'. Whether it is an Islamist suicide-bomber, evangelical missionary, Khalistani, or just your garden-variety...

Hinduphobic ‘Liberal’ Brit journalist lies – “India’s health minister thinks cow’s urine is a cure for Covid”

British journalist Edward (Ed) Luce, the Financial Times' US national editor and columnist, has made the bizarre claim that Bharat's health-minister Dr. Harshvardhan "think's cow's...

Why Hindus venerate cows, and what other faiths can learn from this millennia-old knowledge

“Desi”/ Bharatiya origin cow- Bos Indicus Does the whole chaos of sacredness is all about a creature called cow or the supportive element of life...

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