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Decolonising Education

DU to launch ‘Panchang’ on April 28 to disseminate ancient Bharatiya knowledge

The Delhi University (DU) will release a 'Panchang' (religious almanac) prepared by it on April 28, which will be shared among the students across...

All 68 seats in engineering college in Marathi medium taken up

The first engineering course in the Marathi medium has received a good response from students with all the 68 seats taken in Pimpri Chinchwad...

Macaulay’s ghost in Bharatiya schools

My article “Who taught you to dislike Hindu Dharma” was a discussion of the  some of the contemporary historical schools blaming Hindu Dharma dishonestly. Today we will...

ईसाई प्रोपोगैंडा और औपनिवेशिक समय में हिन्दू धर्म के प्रति हीनता और घृणा का विस्तार

आज हम अंग्रेजों से स्वतंत्र है, परन्तु क्या हम उस औपनिवेशिक आत्महीनता की ग्रंथि से पूर्णरूपेण बाहर आ सके हैं, जो हमारे भीतर इतने...

My contribution to a conference on Nath Panth at Gorakhpur University

Things are finally changing for the better for Hindu Dharma. For too long, many educated Bharatiyas, including the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, had...

Bharatiya history’s liberation from colonisation effect – the new year resolution

When Bharat got independence from the British yoke in 1947, the first thing that should have been brought on priority of the socio-political spectrum...

Colonised Indian schools offer “study tour” to UK to see school where SRK’s son studied!

The colonised Indian education system has long been churning out deracinated and mediocre citizens. One look at the Lutyens' elites controlling our public discourse...

Are sections of BJP drifting into a personality cult around NaMo?

Madhya Pradesh will develop 1,070 Narendra Modi (NaMo) parks on government land across the state to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birth anniversary, a senior BJP...

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