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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Your “Safe Pakistan” is abducting and force-converting girls, Malala. Where are you?

The United Nations is known for handing out recognition and relevance to unworthy replicas of social activists. After Emma Watson and her false narration of wage-gap, the UN invited Malala to take over that pedestal built to promote fakery in the name of humanity. But only those who have not observed this widely-acclaimed prodigy thoroughly, would fall for all the decorations, titles and adjectives showered on her.  

It takes decades for the world to produce one specimen of shamelessness as the manufactured Nobel Laureate, dual faced, hypocrisy personified, Malala Yousafzai. At the tender age of 22, this activist of sorts has mastered the art of being shrewd and two-faced, an art that Bharatiya journalists of questionable credibility took five decades to perfect.

While she doesn’t tire swearing how safe her country of origin is, the ‘student’ – apparently – has been sitting in the coziness and comfort showered on her by a far off land in the West since the time she was shot. That one mishap made her an object of interest for the western media, and thank god for her shrewd mind that guided her to exploit that unfortunate incident to the fullest. It’s not that she is the only one who had faced bullets, many of her classmates were fired at too, but not everyone was lucky enough to fall right in front of benevolent western cameras. 

Earlier, the kind-hearted Malala posted a couple of cute pictures of celebrating Holi with Hindu friends in London. Oh-so-secular, so inclusive! But the photo-op of make-believe fell flat on its face when she failed to keep the real face beneath the mask of generosity intact and allowed the real claws to come out.

Just a year after the compassionate Malala shared Holi bliss in far-off western lands, in her own country, two teenage Hindu sisters got abducted and forcefully converted into Islam on the very day of Holi. When a Bharatiya twitter user approached her for help, the demi-goddess of women empowerment blocked him. This woman then visits advanced countries like Japan to throw long lectures on education, development, and well-being of women.

That was not the first time that a shameful incident of non-Muslim girls being abducted had taken place in the Pakistan that Malala sells as ‘safe’. Last week a Sikh girl was taken away from her family and Islam, the state religion of Pakistan, was forced on her. Despite the international attention and wrath this incident attracted, Malala maintained absolute silence.  

It’s not that Malala prefers silence over verbosity, and twitter is a witness of her way with words. She was fast to jump on the Kashmir issue. She had stories to share about Kashmir, loads of them; from the times of her grand-parents. Her heart bleeds for “Kashmiris living under some assumed conflict”. She writes:

Wonder if she counts the children of Kashmiri Hindus as ‘children of Kashmir’, whether she counts the culture of the Kashmir Hindus as part of the diverse culture she prides over as a ‘South-Asian’ – use of this term suggests acknowledging her Bharatiya subcontinental ancestry is unpalatable for Malala. 

Talking about conflicts of decades, there is one conflict that should hit home for Malala. The Balochistan conflict, the state-sponsored barbarity on the Baloch by Pakistan, and atrocities on the residents of Balochistan by Pakistani Army since the time her parents, and even grand-parents were young. Any word on that, Malala? 

Another Pakistani state, Sindh, is notorious for its continuous episodes of stolen brides, all belonging to poor, oppressed minority Hindu & Christian communities. Any condemnation of that? Nope! That doesn’t suit the propaganda she has been manufactured to peddle, after all. If she criticizes her own, the platform she wants to build for herself, to further her political ambitions in Pakistan, may come crumbling down. So, we understand her selective silence and selective virtue signalling. 

We also understand that the liberal media of the West has serious motives to push Ms. Yousafzai into the limelight. But it’s a shame that the sane world still refuses to recognize her and see the sham that is “women empowerment activist” Malala. 

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