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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tata-AIA Insurance and Reliance Trends Join Diwali-Bashing #CrackerBan Bandwagon

Emboldened by the data-defying Supreme Court experiment of banning diwali crackers in NCR to ‘curb pollution’, leading corporates are now upping the game to ensure that crackers become deeply embedded in public psyche with pollution.

There are no measured calls for better regulation of cracker quality to eschew dangerous chemicals, safe zones to burst crackers, avoiding loud fireworks in residential areas or encouraging community displays – the message is an outright end to bursting crackers, as if this one act (mostly indulged in by small Hindu children) is the most significant contributor to chronic pollution in our towns and cities.

We had earlier reported on Honeywell India’s subtle Hinduphobia where an agarbatti was presented as an ‘indoor pollutant.’ Now, lets see what Tata AIA Life Insurance company (a JV between Tata Sons and Hong-Kong based AIA Group Limited) has to say about the biggest Hindu festival of the year –

When Holi rolls around, these same ‘creative’ ad-agency types will be bemoaning waster-wastage, but when it comes to Diwali, the same pichkari (water gun) becomes a symbol of good as it extinguishes the indescribably evil phuljhadi (sparkler)! All in a day’s work for our liberals.

When one twitter user expressed his angst at the insensitive ad and asked to discontinue his insurance policy, Tata AIA was arrogance personified in its response –

Others wondered whether AIA Insurance would show such an ad to its Chinese clients, a country with a long tradition of bursting crackers on China’s Spring Festival or lunar New Year celebrations –

Then there was Reliance Trends, with a slightly more subtle ad, but clearly plugging for an ‘eco-friendly’ Diwali nonetheless –

The virtue signalling from the ad world, endorsed by corporate honchos who ironically thrive off mindless pollution-fueling consumerism, is clear – Hindus all this while have been polluting the environment through their festivals, rites and rituals. The moment Hindus start celebrating their festivals in the sanitized manner prescribed by our Western-influenced liberals, our country will turn into paradise….like America.

By the way, lets sweep under the carpet uncomfortable facts like  Americans make up 5% of the world’s population, and yet, produce 30% of the world’s waste and use 25% of the world’s resources.

Western-influenced corporates want to encourage a use-and-throw culture, and lobby tooth and nail when faced with environment protection laws. They are busy promoting an aspirational, ecologically disastrous Americanized lifestyle of perfectly manicured villas, A/C homes & offices, gas guzzling SUVs, jet-setting foreign trips, and elite water-guzzling games like golf. But the intrinsic Hindu regard for nature and worship of rivers, trees etc is to be mocked and dismissed as dehati (rustic)!

Let every Hindu parent be clear in their mind about one thing – teach your child to conserve water & electricity, to reuse and recycle, to not litter, to be prosperous but not wasteful, to share with the needy….but do not let them ever feel guilty for the joy we Hindus get from simple things like lighting a cracker on Diwali, or lighting an agarbatti, loving cows, or offering food to our Gods.

(We thank Rohit Singh for sharing these ads with us)

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