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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Some writings by Jyotirao Phule

An honest examination of former leaders and their ideology and policies is essential for any nation, so that we can learn from our past and build a better, harmonious and sustainable future. Whether it is Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, EVR (Periyar), Ambedkar, Savarkar, Bose, Indira – all big leaders of pre and post Independence era have been scrutinized from various angles in the last few years, due to democratization of discourse in the digital age.

This is a welcome change, as hagiographies serve no useful purpose and lead to a cult mindset that is detrimental to nation building. One leader who seems to have eluded such scrutiny is Jyotirao Govindrao Phule, also known as ‘Mahatma’ Jyotiba Phule (1827–90). In this article, we shall see some of the writings and thoughts of Jyotiba Phule compiled in a twitter thread by @peshwaspeaks, reproduced below with minor edits for improved readability –

Brahmins came from Iran. They brought all the stories and literature from there. These were the same stories that were taught to the students as history in his English schools which were funded by the missionaries.

By the way even now this hatred for Brahmins is blatantly and clearly visible on Neo Buddhist YouTube channels who follow and read Phule. Open threats like above in the image (dated 24-Mar-2022) are given by calling them beggars and calling for their ousting from the country.

Here, Phule is narrating how Bhagwan Parshuram killed Mahars and he poured boiling oil and vermillion into the throats of the Mahar and Mang women. It continued till the Muslims powers stopped it.

So the followers of Christ, American and Scottish missionaries cared for the Sudra so much that they left their homeland to emancipate them. The Brahmins are inciting Sudras to fight against the followers of Christ (English Govt).

Poem by Savitri Phule (wife of Jyotiba Phlule), her award winning poem translates as-
“English mother, English Language
Saviours of Sudras, Caretaker of their sentiments.
English mother, gives real knowledge.
Gives a life & love to Sudras”

Rough translation- Eulogizing Muhammad in poems.
“Muhammad the Jahanmard has broken the Arya Dharm, their idols and places of worship. Spreading his great monotheistic religion he accepted Sudras & gave them equality.”

I would have said Jazakallah but sadly even after writing this Jyotiba, being a non believer, is worst of the creatures & hence will rot in hell (98.6).

From calling devi Gayatri as Yavani (outsider non-Bharatiya woman) to calling Brahmins as ‘Bhatmullas’ to calling Vaman the Avatar of Adi Narayan himself as बंब्या (illiterate), घातकी (one who deceives), लबाड (Liar) and कृतघ्न (ungrateful).

Calling Bhagwan Narsimha ‘unintelligent like a whore that lives in the city of Pune’. Levelling all kinds of charges and blanket statements on the whole community of Brahmins.

The European Padrees and Christians are far better than these Bhat Brahmins who have oppressed, suppressed and bench pressed the Sudras for thousands of years.

So the Aryans (according to him Brahmins) gave bare minimum food to the Sudras and made them toil hard. The condition of the Sudras was worse than cattle. Even African slaves in America (who were subject to buying and selling) were treated better than Sudras.

This is not atrocity literature but atrocity porn. What is the evidence provided for this vile claim? Zero, Zilch, None. Calling English rule wholesome, beneficial, righteous and what not and people have issues when someone calls him Crypto Christian stooge. By the way, even his grandson Vishvanath calls (him) that. 

He writes, Shankaracharya allied with Turks and the Marathas and together they destroyed Buddhists.

Then came the great Muhammad who with his monotheistic religion entered Bharat and laid waste to the false Arya Dharm and destroyed idols and places of worship. He showed the real path to the Sudras by taking them into the path of Islam by showing them equality. He (Phule) called Adi Shankaracharya धूर्त (cunning or deceitful). He calls saints like Mukundraja and Dnyaneshwar as कपटी (frauds). He called Ch. Shivaji Maharaj himself अज्ञानी (ignorant) and निरक्षर (illiterate).

So the French, British and other loving govts came together and abolished slavery is what Phule says. He even goes on to call Bhagwan Brahma as ‘रांद्या राघोबा’, imbecile lusty womanizer.

Read whom he is thanking in his letters for the support and the funding he receives. He is eulogizing Christianity and Islam, ideologies that have caused violence and severe trauma to the Hindu society. And what do our school books teach – that he was a ‘reformer’ of Hindu Dharma.

Last but not the least, we have Sharad Pawar, CM of Maharashtra in 1991 endorsing this. He hopes that the young generation should read this atrocity, blown-out-of-proportion, Hindu-deity-hating literature which has zero basis or proofs on ground.

Sources: शेतकऱ्याचा असूड (Cultivators Whipcord)
गुलामगिरी (Slavery)

I would suggest read Marathi ones if you can because most of the bad words towards Hindu deities have been diluted or just removed in the translated non-Marathi versions.

Before someone calls me a Brahmin bashing a Dalit icon, I would like to declare that I do not come from a Brahmin family, but I come from the family of seafarers and wine makers.

The thing that hurts most is this man’s photo gets printed on the banners right next to Ch. Shivaji Maharaj himself.

Phule’s play ‘Trutiya Ratna’ depicts a Brahman exploiting a poor farmer-family. Then a Christian missionary comes and shows the farmer the ‘light’. Farmer gets ready to break the murti of Hanumanji. Missionary says it’s good – Muslim Badshahs broke Hindu murtis like Somnath.

Credits to @Aniruddh_30 for the above Trutiya Ratna information.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of peshwaspeaks)

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  1. According to prof. Jakob de Roover of Ghent University,Belgium,Brahmins are the new jews. No doubt Jyotiba phule and his wife Savitri bai phule were brainwashed idiots and cretins toeing the chrislamic lines of ’emancipation'(?) Christianity and Islam are only millenarean middle eastern personality death cults and predatory parasitic political ideologies for world imperialistic domination.


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