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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Refusal to sing Jan Gan Man

A little boy was once asked by some people to show the person he thought was the most beautiful woman in the world. He showed them his Mother. To him she was the most beautiful person.

But these people were not convinced. They said, “She’s so badly dressed.” The boy replied, “So what, she’s the most beautiful”. Then they said, “She’s got pock marks on her face.” The boy replied, “She’s not just beautiful, she’s kind too.” Then they said, “She’s blind in one eye, she can’t see in a balanced manner.” To this the boy replied, “She loves all her children equally … she’s beautiful.”

The people were still not convinced. They said, “Look at her hand … it looks so dirty with that big black mole.” The boy bravely wiped off his tear & said, “She cooks and feeds everybody in the family everyday.” Now the people were just jeering. They said, “She’s got the worst voice in the world.” With quivering lips the boy said, “But she sings the best lullaby and makes us sleep peacefully. She protects us. She’s my Mother & she’s the most beautiful.”

The people who had asked him to show them the most beautiful person just shook their heads and said, “Yes, to you she’s beautiful. We respect your sentiment. To you she’s a person to be worshiped, but we can’t close our eyes to her flaws. We shall respect her as a Mother. But unless her flaws are corrected, we cannot call your Mother the most beautiful Mother. We hope you understand our sentiments and still love us. We are not trying to insult you.”

Children love their Mother UNCONDITIONALLY. Even if there are flaws in their Mother, they see her love first.

Now see this video of this person from a Lucknow Madrassa saying that they will sing our National Anthem only if the word Sindh is removed from it & if Kashmir & Hyderabad are specifically included in it…

Do also note the person who has shared this video – he is a journalist who has worked with BBC, TV Today, Rediff etc.

The truth is that if one wants to find fault with anything, one will present arguments which sound very convincing. One will present falsehoods as truth & truth as falsehoods and do what is known as ‘ku-tark’ in Hindi. It is not a discussion or debate, it is presenting a skewed version to cloud minds.

Unfortunately many Bharatiyas fell for this argument, without even once stopping to wonder what nonsense is being presented as an argument. Once a National Anthem has been accepted and sung, one should only have pride in it, notwithstanding nonsensical arguments being forwarded to not sing it. Arguments like saying that it was made for the British Monarch etc. have always been going around.

What does it mean if one says “I respect your Mother, but I will not praise her because my God is above her?” Do the rest of us have a God who is Not Great? Why should we look at our Motherland or our National Anthem and Song with a jaundiced vision? We should love our Motherland UNCONDITIONALLY.

Jai Hind!!! Vande Mataram !!!

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Rati Hegde
Rati Hegde
Rati Hegde is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai.


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