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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Why Pooja Singh’s Fears Could Actually Be Real –

A lot of controversy has happened over a Twitter user Pooja Singh’s tweet requesting Airtel to change her customer care representative as he was Muslim and she wanted a Hindu representative. While it certainly isn’t the most politically correct statement to make on a public platform and appears discriminatory on the face of it, some analysis on this feedback suggests that her fears that prompted her to make that request, could actually be real.

In one of her tweets, she has clearly mentioned that her request was based on a previous experience. In fact, normally, such a person would face simple social boycott ( sermons on living as a silo ) or replies by Muslims suggesting similar requests for Hindus service persons, or employing only Muslims in Muslim organizations etc. But in this case, she has been issued vile abuses and rape threats from Muslim men, called anti national by various secular celebrities.

She shared the vile threats, sexually explicit insults and abuses she has been receiving from Muslim men –

However, what needs to be understood is, there is a growing realization in Hindus from troubled areas like UP, Bengal, Kerala about religious indoctrination of Muslims against non-Muslims, which is manifesting in shocking rise of incidents like love jihad, fraud, murder, land grabbing, temple desecration etc. When issues are swept under the carpet and not debated openly, survival instinct kicks in & common people are forced to deal with it the way they see fit.

But on the other hand, many elite liberals cheered & stoked shocking anti-Hindu sentiment like branding all Hindus as rapists based on isolated incidents like Kathua, which were used to shame Hindus worldwide on the back of a highly questionable chargesheet.
There was this whole narrative of branding taxi-drivers with Hanuman stickers as rapists & murderers !

Lets contrast with how anti-Brahmin stances are normalized by left-liberal, but anything even slightly critical of Muslims is taboo. Quoting this rabidly anti-Brahmin article –
The Brahmins, if I were to explain it to my friends abroad, are the South Asian equivalent of white supremacists. The poonal ceremony (the function I am attending today) is the equivalent of a daddy whispering the 14 Words to his son under the shade of the Confederate flag.
On the rarest of rare occasions, I do end up at these functions where generations and lineages congregate, even if it tends to leave me quite dysfunctional in the end. Similar to missionary camps, it’s basically good food with free advice. There’s a high chance that I’m going to cross paths with that intensely avoidable character. Let’s call him the Uncle For All Rhymes and Times (UFART).

And this article is not from an international online publication, it is very much from bhartiya sub-continent.

German writer Maria Wirth explains the deep and pervasive Brahmin-phobia in this write up –

My point is: what Brahmins did by segregating from others or even snubbing others is negligible in comparison to what Christian colonialists and Muslim invaders did.

So why are the so-called atrocities of the caste-system so hyped? The reason may well be to divert the attention from those who actually should feel guilty what they did and still do to Bharat. It’s not the Brahmins. Many of them suffer today, as despite being poor they are excluded from benefits which are given to religious minorities or lower castes.

But this is not the only reason why the caste system and Brahmins are being bashed worldwide. Another important agenda is to shame Brahmins, to make them feel guilty about their forefathers and to make them reluctant to follow their original Dharma of learning and teaching the Vedas. The goal is to make Vedic knowledge disappear in Bharat, because it poses a danger for Christianity and Islam. It can easily challenge their so called “revealed truths”. Vedic knowledge makes sense and is therefore the greatest obstacle for Christianity and Islam to expand over the whole world.

Brahmin bashing and targeting Manusmriti is just an indirect attack on Hindu Dharma itself – a very common occurrence in social science departments of Universities like JNU, Jadavpur, TISS etc, all this is normalized by so-called liberal elites.

And then, political agendas get mixed up, are woven into these anti-Hindu narratives. There was a call for mass murder of BJP voters supported by Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac!

Hindus are now observing that crimes against them are handled with lesser priority by administration and media, even in states where so-called ‘Hindutva fascist’ BJP governments are in power – eg., Kathua case reverberated internationally, while Ghaziabad rape of minor in madrassa died out after some local protests. Jharkhand rape & burning alive of minor girl by 3 Muslim brothers was also suppressed. There are various instances of Hindu girls cheated by Muslim men, leading to a lot of suppressed anger. One just needs to open vernacular media and social media sites to see what is actually happening on ground.

So Hindus can sense that they are on their own, and in the absence of strong state action, we can’t help seeing a rise in such individual self-defense mechanisms as displayed by Pooja Singh.

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