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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Muslim reservation and “Prophet Muhammad Bill” demanded by Raza Academy and Prakash Ambedkar

A new demand has now been raised by Islamists and has been supported by Ambedkarite groups in Maharashtra. On June 30, a meeting was organised, in which Prakash Ambedkar of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) party and Islamist groups like Raza Academy and Tahaffuz Namoos-e-Risalat Board participated. They both have now joined hands to pressurize the Maharashtra government to demand 5% Muslim reservation and to introduce the “Prophet Muhammad Bill”.

The ‘Prophet Muhammd Bill’ is formally named “PROPHET MOHAMMED & OTHER RELIGIOUS HEADS PROHIBITION OF SLANDER ACT, 2021.” The Muslim exclusivism in the name of the bill aside, it seeks to prevent any criticism of any religious idea or figure of all religions. HinduPost has obtained a copy of the act which suggests any such criticism be made cognizable and non-bailable with a minimum jail term of 3 years, extending to 7 years.

A dangerous demand

The act makes mocking the “religious convictions of others”, or imagined insults against “any prophet, religious head or figure”, desecration of “objects of religious veneration, sacred books, scriptures, deity, or any other material”, prevention, disruption or mocking of any act of worship or even offending a “the feelings of members of a religious confession of their dogmas, beliefs, rituals, or ceremonies” a crime amongst other things.

In theory, if I were to ridicule that “5 time namaz” is the cure for CoVID, I might be mocking “religious convictions of others”. Similarly, Maulana Abu Bakar al Baghdadi was a religious head, so is Zakir Naik one cannot criticise them after the passing of this law. As such Islam demands belief in angels, djinns and a whole host of other mythical beings and concepts, one cannot criticise those belief as it might “offend the feelings” of Muslims.

No doubt Raza Academy would want Bharat to have the same blasphemy laws that Pakistan has and on basis of those, start lynchings of non-Muslims, as are common in Pakistan. However, one’s feelings might also be offended that Muslims proclaim only Allah as true God, by implication calling Hindu Gods as false. How would a secular state decide in such cases? It is likely that criticism of Hindu customs, beliefs and religious heads will be condoned on one pretext or another, while criticism of minority religions would be completely banned.

Muslim reservation

The demand for Muslim reservation is not new. In fact, it is already there in states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala. In Telangana, it was increased in 2017 to 12%. Although a majority of Muslims are already under reservation for SEBCs(also called OBCs), the rationale is that they have to compete with Hindu OBCs and that is somehow unfair! so, they must have an exclusive quota for themselves.

The UPA government had proposed a 4.5% Muslim quota all over the country, but nothing came of it as the government changed in 2014. One must remember that the start of Muslim separatism in modern Bharat started with the 1909 act, which gave reservations to Muslims in assembly seats. Jinnah’s famous 14 points contain reservation demands for Muslims in assemblies as well as in jobs. There is no doubt that once the demand for reservation in jobs and educational institutions is accepted, next step would be demand for the same in legislative assemblies. In fact, such demands have started coming in from Jammu and Kashmir. Needless to day, such demands will give a boost to separatism again.

It seems proper that a concerted effort be made to nip these in the bud, rather than letting them reach their logical conclusion. One might wonder what is the benefit of Ambedkarites in supporting these demands. One need only look at this video of Vaman Meshram to understand.

Of course, Brahmin used in the speech is a euphemism for Hindu as he cannot directly attack Hindus. Meshram is a prominent Ambedkarite and has lied multiple times to malign Brahmins in the past. Although he does not agree on all issues with Prakash Ambedkar(grandson of Dr. Ambedkar), on issue of Hindus their views are in agreement.  In the current case, it seems that the Ambedkarite SC leadership has not learnt the lessons from Jogendra Nath Mandal. 

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey is an Educator based in Dehradun, currently working as Senior Staff Writer with HinduPost. He is an Engineer by training and a teacher by passion. He teaches for Civil Service Exams as well as for Common Law Admission Test. He has deep interest in politics, economy, culture and all things Bharatiya. He fancies himself to be a loving husband and doting father. His weakness is Bharatiya food, particularly sweets. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to Bharatiya music.


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