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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Man demands exemption for Muslim pilgrims from Covid19 screening by ‘non-believers’

The government has gone extra miles to ensure the safety and health of every citizen, and tried to evacuate all Bharatiya citizens stuck overseas without compromising the health of those within the country. But it can only do so much without cooperation from each and every citizen. We have heard about the case of 4 Dubai-returned Muslim youth who refused to be screened for Coronavirus in Karnataka, or the residents of a Muslim neighborhood in Pune who blocked municipal officials conducting a Covid19 survey.

The BJP government in Karnataka has set up a Telegram group to spread awareness about Covid-19. A member, by the name of Syed Aaquib, raised a strange query. He told the group admin that his uncle is travelling from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Bharat, and asked if he would have to go through screening or testing at the airport, which he claimed is ‘against our religion’. He was unhappy that the government is “forcing” international travellers to take tests.

This is the measure of indoctrination of a seemingly educated person, that basic measures which the Government has put in place to protect the 2nd largest population in the world against a pandemic which is ravaging the entire world, is being seen as an inconvenience and forceful imposition by him. And the reason proffered for Covid19 screening or testing being ‘against Islam’ will leave you stunned.

Aaquib says that a Muslim can only be touched by a Muslim after he comes from a pilgrimage. So as the screening or testing at airports might be done by a non-Muslim, it becomes haram for a Muslim who has just returned from the Muslim holy land of Saudi Arabia. He goes on to demand that as India is a ‘secular’ country, his uncle’s religious beliefs should be ‘respected’ and he shouldn’t be ‘forced’ to undergo a Coronavirus  examination.

This is a classic example of Muslim privilege that is rife in ‘secular’ India today. A non-Muslim touching a Muslim who has just returned from pilgrimage becomes haram – if this isn’t untouchability, what is? Had a Hindu made a demand like that, he would have been outed as a bigot. And this is a perfect example of what ‘Indian secularism’ and the Nehruvian ‘Idea of India’ mean – a member of the second-largest majority (officially called a ‘minority’, although his community is a global majority), casually demanding special treatment at the expense of the ‘majority’.

Let’s take a look at few more examples of how this allegedly ‘persecuted’ minority community is flouting all norms while the country grapples with a deadly pandemic.

A batch of 160 Kashmiri students were brought from Bangladesh to Srinagar airport and were asked to follow prescribed health guidelines as they had flown in from overseas. The students refused to abide by the norms and soon took to violence. They vandalized Srinagar airport and ransacked the area surrounding the arrival terminal. Their parents waiting outside the airport were no less uncivilized and initiated a chaotic commotion. Airport authorities had to call local police and it was only after the application of force, that these miscreants could be brought to task and kept in isolation.

7 Islamic preachers traveled all the way from Indonesia to Bharat to attend an ijtema (Islamic religious gathering); first they arrived at New Delhi via air and took a train to Telangana. All 7 of them were tested positive for Covid-19. They have shared proximity with many Bharatiyas at the airport, railway station and mosques. State Health Minister Etala Rajender states that it would be a logistical nightmare to investigate this case and trace all people these 7 Islamic preachers met. Isn’t it baffling that these 7 Indonesians thought a time when the entire world is fighting a viral outbreak is perfectly suited to cross oceans and preach Islam.

The Prime Minister, in his address to the nation, requested everyone to stay indoors to maintain Janta Curfew on Sunday, 22nd March. Thwarting all government efforts, All India Sufi Ulema Council asked Muslims to be congregate at mosques and perform repentance while reciting the Quran. Council President Hakim Sufi Syed Mohammad Khairuddin Quadri encouraged his followers to perform ‘collective isolation’ in mosques “instead of spending time engaging in absurd activities at home”.

Meanwhile, there is no respite in the infamous Shaheen Bagh protest site at the national capital. Muslim women there are continuing with their sit-in despite repeated requests from the administration to vacate the area. Let’s listen to what these ‘protestors’ have to say.

The woman in the above video believes that ‘Corona has emerged from Quran’. She is confident that even more deadly outbreaks will hit the world, but Muslims will be protected by Allah while others will perish.

Another Muslim woman, in the above video, justifies the public protest by arguing that one can get infected with Corona virus even at home or while doing other routine chores. She claims that ‘Corona is just an excuse used by Amit Shah and Kejriwal to dismantle their protest’.

If such irresponsible behavior leads to an outbreak of the epidemic among Muslims, or ends up infecting non-Muslims too, will the left-liberals still blame Modi or will they and the Islamist ideologues responsible for breeding such ignorance among Muslim masses take responsibility?

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