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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Love Jihadi Sentenced to 12 Years for Abduction, Rape, Forced Conversion & Marriage – Uttarakhand

A special POCSO (Prevention of Child Sexual Offence) court in Uttarakhand has sentenced one Arshad Ali to 12 years in jail for first abducting and raping a minor girl and then forcefully converting her to Islam and marrying her, Hindi daily Amar Ujala has reported.

The high school student (17), a resident of Ramnagar in Nainital district, was lured away on 19 March 2016 by Arshad Ali, a labourer working in Ramnagar and originally resident of Rampur district in North West UP. Ali raped the girl in a forest, and then took her to his house after threatening to kill her.

The girl’s father lodged a missing persons complaint in Ramnagar police station on 20 March. The police conducted raids in Kashipur (Uddham Singh Nagar district in Uttarakhand) to recover both of them.

The girl gave a statement in front of the magistrate that after raping her, Arshad Ali forcefully got her religion changed and did nikah (Muslim marriage) with her. She even gave birth to a child.

The accused has been sentenced under IPC 376(2) (punishment for rape) to 12 years and fine of Rs 10,000; under IPC 363 (kidnapping) to 5 years and fine of Rs 5000; under IPC 366 (Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her mar­riage, etc) to 7 years and fine of Rs 3000.

Editor’s Note

Among the depressing deluge of such cases which are reported from across the nation each day, especially from the West UP-South Uttarakhand belt where the Love/Rape Jihad epidemic is especially severe, the news of this successful prosecution comes as a welcome relief. At least, one girl and her family got some justice, although nothing can truly compensate for the mental and physical trauma that the victim party would have undergone.

Our media & Government should ideally be highlighting such cases to send a strong message to the fanatic Muslims who consider trapping a kafir (non-Muslim) girl as a divine act, that their idea of sharia will NOT work here and they WILL face the full force of law. But we know that political correctness and the prevailing atmosphere of appeasing fanatic elements within the minorities, will ensure that this news is barely covered outside the local media.

We also need to define stringent punishment for the crime of forcefully converting a person & punish all those involved in such crimes. Such conversions are a common tactic used by the sexual grooming gangs operating in Bharat, who pressurise the victim via threats to shame her by leaking obscene videos, or to kill her and/or her family. Such conversions cannot be carried out without an enabling support structure involving Islamic clergy (maulvis), madrassas/religious bodies authorised to hand out conversion certificates, and a community/family network which encourages such heinous deeds.

Even in this case from Uttarakhand, it is not clear whether any action was taken against Arshad Ali’s family members who would have been accessories to the crime when the girl was kept captive in his Rampur home, or the maulvi who conducted the sham conversion?

Finally, Hindu society cannot depend solely on Government, media and police/legal machinery for this crucial issue. We have to launch a mass awareness campaign to ensure that no girl falls for the techniques and allurements of these trained & religiously motivated Love Jihadis (sexual groomers). Such a grass-roots campaign should touch all areas, hitherto considered taboo, including Bollywood’s role as an enabler, to create a truly safe and dignified environment for our girls.

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