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Saturday, February 24, 2024

List of Brutal Killings of Hindus just During Ramzan 2019

I have made a table of some Hindu victims of Muslim violence during the Muslim holy month of Ramzan, 2019. This does not include, of course, other victims like Bharatiya soldiers stoned during Eid in Kashmir valley.

These are just individual cases where some minor dispute became a pretext for killing the Hindu victim:

Name of Hindu Victim

Location of Crime Manner of Crime

Details of Crime

Dhruv-Raj Tyagi Moti Nagar (Delhi) Stabbed to death Protesting lewd remarks and “dupatta snatching” of his sick daughter by local Muslim youth
Anmol Tyagi (in critical condition)  Moti Nagar (Delhi) Stabbed Protesting lewd remarks and “dupatta snatching” of his sick sister by local Muslim youth, accompanying his father
Bharat Yadav Sri Krishna Janmabhumi, Mathura Beaten to death by Muslim lynch mob A group of Muslims, accompanied by a woman (called “netani” who is a local power) came to their lassi shop Nattho Lassi. After drinking lassi to break their Ramzan Roza, they argued with Bharat (the owner of the shop). To avoid trouble, Bharat asked them to leave without paying.  But they returned with a big group, abused him as a “Kaafir” and beat him severely. He died of head injury a week later.
Tinkle (Twinkle) Sharma (2.5 year old toddler) Aligarh (Tappal village) Kidnapped, tortured, mutilated, and killed Tinkle was kidnapped from the “aangan” of her home while she was playing there by the neighbors Mohammed Zahid and Aslam. She was tortured and mutilated, with the help of Mehdi and Shagufta (relatives), and body dumped in a garbage stack, where dogs found it.
Ankit Tyagi Partapur (near Meerut) Throat slit, body thrown into canal Killed by 2 colleagues for catching their financial fraud, and reporting it to the company.  Ankit was also known to be a very upright person, and a Bajrang Dal karyakarta.

Now, this is striking that there were so many deaths of Hindus just in one month. There were other mob attacks too during Ramzan, like the one in Delhi & Mumbai. And yet there is NO outcry by the liberals and secularists.  

Dhruv & Anmol Tyagi, Tinkle Sharma, Bharat Yadav, Ankit Tyagi (left to right)
  • Compare this to the national (and even international) outcry when the victim’s name is Akhlaq or Junaid.  
  • Not only is it a media issue, even the government does not show any care for these Hindu victims. Compare them to the VIPs who showed up to Akhlaq’s doorstep for expressing sympathy. Did any of these go to Dhruv-Raj Tyagi’s home or to Ankit’s home?
  • What about monetary compensation?  Did any of these above victims get Rs. 20 Lakhs, four apartments and state jobs that Akhlaq’s family got?

Three of these killings happened in a state which, if leftist media is to be believed, is run by a Hindu fascist CM. This is not happening in Kerala or Bengal (of course, just recently 3 BJP workers were shot dead by TMC goons in Bengal, but Ramzan is over, so I did not include that in the list).

It is happening in the heart of “Hindu Nationalist Bharat” (or so the leftists would have us believe). What nonsense? I have recently travelled through western UP. Throughout that belt, where demographics have shifted towards Muslims in the past decades, Hindus live in fear. The above table is just a small evidence of that. Kairana was another evidence.

Open your eyes, Hindus: in a large swathe of land near Bharat’s capital Delhi, and close to our holiest shrines of Mathura and Ayodhya, Hindus have been reduced to a state of fear.

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Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar
Devout Hindu and practising brahmin, very interested in history and current affairs of Bharat. Do not believe in birth-based "caste" but rather varna based on swadharma and swabhava, and personal commitment to that varna's dharmas. I don't judge people by the religion they profess: every human being should be treated with equal dignity. At the same time, I don't judge a religion by the people I know who profess it. A religion, like any doctrine, should be subjected to critical examination using facts and reason.


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