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Sunday, May 19, 2024

When A Liberal Wished for Riots Over Demonetization

While ordinary people of Bharat are showing tremendous resilience in the face of inconvenience caused by demonetization, certain armchair ‘liberals’ are hoping the situation worsens and riots break out. It appears that even instigating violence is halal, when it comes to indulging their visceral hatred for Narendra Modi.


The person who made the now-deleted tweet is Madhu Menon (twitter id: @madmanweb) who has ~ 20,000 followers on Twitter. His twitter bio describes him as “Chef. Restaurant consultant…….Rationalist. Libertarian…”

In many ways, @madmanweb represents what Indian Liberals have reduced themselves to. Blinded by their hatred for a certain socio-political ideology (Hindutva), they have forgotten the very ideals they claim to stand for!

  • Here is a person who is hoping for riots over a policy move he disagrees with – and he calls himself ‘rationalist’?
  • Dictionary definition of ‘Libertarianism’ defines it as ‘A collection of political philosophies that uphold liberty. Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association, and the primacy of individual judgment.‘ Do Indian Liberals like Madhu Menon believe that freedom of choice extends to freedom of rioting? Is that why most of them were also supporting the ‘Bharat ki barbadi tak’ chanting JNU students? But then what explains their silence over the way Kamlesh Tiwari was muzzled and threatened – are Indian Liberals actually rank opportunists?

Ironically, the same person had tweeted in 2012 about the power of popular twitter users to instigate communal riots. The sense of entitlement of Indian Liberals and the ease with which they assume such breathtaking double standards, is truly amazing.


Demonetization Debate

Every policy move of the Government should be debated, its pros and cons analyzed. And the debate around demonetization is also much needed, as it drives better understanding of the issues at hand –

  • How will we measure success of the move?
    • What percentage of high-currency notes are not returned, thus telling us that black money hoarders failed to launder their money?
    • What is the hit to GDP growth this year, or the percentage of small-medium business impacted severely by the cash crunch?
    • How much tax & penalties are collected by Income Tax department on unsubstantiated deposits > 2,50,000/-?
    • What are the downstream effects of demonetization – lowering of interest rates, enabling banks to tide over NPA crisis, correction in real estate prices?
    • How were terrorism and other anti-national activities impacted?
  • There is wide-ranging consensus that demonetization was a good idea, but there is valid criticism on the implementation of the scheme – could the entire financial system, including banks, have been better prepared without sacrificing secrecy? What more can be done right now to alleviate the cash crunch which common people are facing?
  • Demonetization is not a magic bullet that will solve the problems of black money and corruption. It is only one of various steps in a larger battle – while few other measures have already been taken to stop the generation of future black money, more steps are planned and needed.

Considered pieces like this one by NITI Aayog’s Bibek Debroy help to provide a balanced view on the subject.

But what does not help is sensationalism, distortion and manipulation of news to paint a desperate picture, spreading panic and disaffection.  And that is what the Indian Liberal like @madmanweb & large sections of MSM (Mainstream media) are doing right now – spreading outright lies and instigating people just to ensure demonetization fails, and their end goal of removing Modi from power in 2019 is achieved.

From linking random deaths to demonetization, falsely claiming 70% of goods transport fleet are off road, hyping recovery of 2 new 2000 notes from terrorists, and plain old rumor mongering, mainstream media & self-appointed liberals have proven that they can plumb to any depth due to their Modi hate.

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