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Friday, June 2, 2023

‘Land Jihad Is Directly Linked To Demography Change’ – Advocate Chetna Sharma, Exclusive Interview (Part 1)

Advocate Chetna Sharma is a practicing lawyer from Uttar Pradesh, who fights radical Islam, especially ‘Love Jihad‘, & is founder of an organization ‘Hindu Swabhimaan‘ under Akhara parampara . She has worked with Durga Vahini too. She is passionate about saving the youth from the concept of Love Jihad, which is a term casually dismissed by upper social strata of the urban society in Bharat today, specially the left-liberals.

Chetna ji has met victims of Love Jihad and even rehabilitated few girls. Her organization is mainly focused on Western UP currently, but she hopes to expand gradually. The main aim of this organization is to make both young girls & boys capable of understanding and fighting (physically, mentally & emotionally) the menace of Love Jihad and related issues. She has been in news several times. This time we discuss the concept of Land Jihad with her, in this audio interview :

Below are the key points from her interview (until 18 m 45 s):

Namaste Chetna ji, thanks for giving us time. Let us begin with the issue of demography change and issues arising out of it…

Chetna ji –

  • Almost every political party talks about development today, but today, the first priority of Hindus is survival.
  • Wherever there happens a demography change, the first attack is always on females of Hindus.
  • Second attack is always on the land / property, and Hindus are not able to save both these things today.
  • So the things – assets and their protection, that we struggle to build through out our lives, are we really going to leave these for our children?
  • The running behind money & property has destroyed our family life, our Hindu family structure, but who is ultimately going to use this property? Are Muslims not going to use this property? This is called land jihad.

-But isn’t this still happening at a much smaller scale / infrequently….

Chetna ji –

  • No, this is happening at a large scale, we are not seeing it.
  • We are not learning any lessons.
  • All apple orchards in Kashmir belonged to Kashmiri pandits….. the brotherhood narrative didn’t let them realize the jihadist mindset.
  • Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, even Delhi .. all have land jihad, all are examples of ongoing land jihad.

-So, you mean the scale of this concept called ‘Land Jihad’ is already large?

Chetna ji –

  • Yes, it is. I’ll just tell you a recent case from Meerut, UP.
  • There was a Brahmin family with which a Muslim man (a property dealer & head of a market area) had close ties. He was treated almost like a son in that family. I’ll tell you how circumstances get created and exactly how demography change creates problems.
  • The Brahmin pandit ji has only one daughter, who is married in another city. His wife is no more. He has crores of property which is managed by him and his nephew, since there’s nobody else to look after the property on a daily basis.
  • Since this Muslim man was close to the family and also a property dealer, they gave him the contract of making shops on this property and told him that he could keep one shop as his contract fee.
  • This Muslim man did forgery and gradually transferred eight shops through benami transactions to Muslims.
  • Finally, when this information reached the family, they tried to convince him to not continue with this behavior. The issue became so serious that there were death threats to the nephew of Sharma ji.
  • Police, in fact, any administrative system fails in front of Islamic aggression. And because of the intimacy, the family continued with trying to convince this man. Finally, this Muslim man’s dead body was found by the police. Somebody had killed him.
  • And this Sharma family is no ordinary family, they are one of the top RSS people in the city. When Jan Sangh was still getting strengthened long back, this family had worked a lot towards getting the organization stand on its feet. They aren’t helpless financially either.

I think you are talking about Naeem Ghazi case..

Chetna ji –

  • Yes, I am talking about Naeem Ghazi case.
  • I am not justifying his murder, but this land mafia guy who was murdered, on his murder charge, the entire Brahmin family is in jail because they had a property dispute with him.
  • And this big property is in the heart of a Muslim dominated area..
  • Nobody knows who has killed Ghazi, but they had a dispute with him, they are all locked inside because Muslims blocked the entire city for 3 days. There is a massive pressure by Muslim population to break this family. Without complete investigation, the police has locked not only pandit ji and his nephew, but his daughter was called from Haridwar and arrested, her husband and two year old son were also arrested under the same sections! The grandmother is asking for the custody of the little child, but it is being delayed. This is the limit of torture. The child is in the jail for days now.
  • I gave you example of Kashmir.. the house boats, apple orchards, bungalows.. Kashmiri Pandits owned a lot of property. Today, all that property is owned by Muslims. And nobody has asked that how so much of that property got transferred on paper to Muslim owners!
  • Under the law, title is smaller than actual possession. Today, Hindus are not willing to go back there in the same circumstances, because genocide took place there.. and there was no one to talk about that genocide.
  • Same demography change is happening everywhere else, western Uttar Pradesh is almost gone.
  • In meerut only, there are so many cases. There used to be a ‘bachcha shamshan ghat’ (cremation ground) of hindus in 2005. If you check the old papers of that area in the tehsil, the name ‘bachcha shamshaan ghat’ is recorded on paper. Now nobody knows how that area became a ‘kabristan’ (cemetry) on paper..Nobody knows how so many Muslim people started collecting and reading ‘namaz’ there.
  • So this Land Jihad is such a slow gradual process that we get to know only when an incident has happened.
  • This is related to demography change because, if that Brahmin family had more children, may be…..

Every issue comes back on the issue of population and number of children only.. But our Hindu ancestry / vedic times never saw too many children from one woman…

Chetna ji –

  • My great grandfather had 14 siblings. My mother was a physics professor, we were 4 siblings.
  • When it comes to Land Jihad, you need children to hand over the property to.. Lets say you have 2 children, daughter becomes a victim of Love Jihad and son gets murdered. So, the assets that you have built over the years by sacrificing so much end up without a heir…

But urban population is not going to believe that this is happening, and that too at a large scale..

Chetna ji –

  • Even socially too, both the children go out to study and do jobs, aged parents live alone far off. Check out Delhi statistics, so many aged people living alone get killed.
  • And Land Jihad is increasing.
  • Population Jihad, Love Jihad, Land Jihad, everything is happening on the ground but urban people are not able to see/ accept it because they are living like machines. Today, when we wish to get our daughter married, the first thing we ask is package of the boy. We are not bothered about family culture, family relations. We don’t see protection, we see money today.
  • We see Land Jihad only when it has already happened and the land is gone. And even then, most of the time, we don’t see it as Land Jihad but only as a crime which is not related to Islamic strategy.

It is difficult to identify Land Jihad disputes around, isn’t it?

Chetna ji –

  • It’s not difficult, one just needs to change the vision. We just need to understand the concepts of Islam and understand our history, we need to go into the details of Kashmir, Kairana… we need to look into those interior areas of every town which were totally Hindu, and gradually now only Muslims live there..

P.S. –

  • Transcript of rest of the interview (post 18 m 45 s) will be published in Part 2 of the series on Land Jihad soon.
  • This interview was conducted in Feb 2017, before UP elections. Also, the grandmother of the 2 year old child has finally received the child’s custody in Naeem Ghazi case after months.
  • We thank Chetna Sharma ji for speaking to us.

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