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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

How reality was inverted after 2002 riots to paint Hindus as communal villains

Still zithers run through my spine as I recall the horrific feeds of Gujarat Riots 2002 made way to DAV, Hazaribagh while I was a year due to matriculate.

We knew “Modi, the mass murder,” even at age 14-15. It was a kind of shame we gulped each time we faced a Muslim schoolmate, be it cricket ground, or basketball court or even the period of lunch.

For few days, the dreams I saw only smelled of gore waking up midnight sweat dripping all the way. I never knew the reason of Kar Seva nor I knew who were those burnt in Sabarmati Express.

“Religion no doubt appeared, an opium of oppressed,” and not a virtue for an enlightened eyes.

Soon Black-Friday’s song “Arey ruk ja re bande,” had found space in newly purchased Sony Ericsson Walkman series and “All religions were same,” ultimately leading to fundamentalism.

Yet, majority “had to be” the “oppressor” and minority a victim.

It was too dystopian to even imagine that minority would be on the faulty side as prophet Marx had already given the idea of structure and substructure.

The narrative of the state as I knew had gone to erase away the Godhra Train burning completely out of the thought.

As I entered architecture school, with so many liberal worldview poured in, the narrative of state looked so apt. My roommates and others in school would discuss how brutally minorities are being subjected to heat of majoritarianism.

Just a year had passed in school and “Hindu Terror” had turned vogue subject to discuss to prove your intellectual quotient.

We saw videos which proved that 9/11 was an American creation and jihad had no motive at all. The narrative was clear that Osama wasn’t a true Muslim because a Muslim has to be a person with “Iman” as strong as “Musal.”

26/11 happened and the belief was clear that even Terrorists are funded by RSS to keep rift alive, even of Indo-Pak.

“Saffron Terror” was the term and Hindu Sadhus stood implicated & so were Army Officers.

Effects of such narratives have long trails.

For the college students ABVP, Bajrang Dal had become militant outfits as comparable to the National Socialist (distorted as NAZI).

This was well supported by obnoxious literature which built the case that RSS was formed based on ideas of Mussolini and Hitler.

Though it was false. Nowhere it was emphasised that how Khalifa Movement of 1920s had brought big realisations in eyes of people like Savarkar.

Nowhere was it discussed that how the condition of forced conversion and sodomy had broken the idea of Hindu-Muslim unity which Savarkar had celebrated while writing book on 1857.

Well, people may disagree but environment was certainly built that majority wouldn’t ride the pride with Saffron Association.

One man was hounded so deep. Literally Teesta Setalvad and types jewelled there programs with funds flowing from USA, UK, Saudi and of course from INC.

But the man, took it all without saying a word. He was abused, made to pass through SIT asked by the great humanitarian NGO of Teesta Setalvad .

He cleared it all without saying a “uff” but here I boy some days back we saw the precedents set by RaGa and Maino supporters, when they violently took on the streets.

The charges against Teesta Setalvad are so grave, going to the level of manufacturing affidavits.

The witnesses/ victims remained completely unaware about what Teesta had presented, which was completely “everything” but what they actually said.

People like Rana Ayyub rise as literary phenomenon by writing “Gujarat Files.”

The book was completely based on the manufactured lies, which the honourable SC couldn’t see anything but a piece to be dumped in Garbage.

But the days when Teesta narrative was in vogue, Rana a star investigative journalist even people like Smriti Irani were of other opinion.

Visas were blocked, Hindutva projected a fringe. Rahul Gandhi remarked to US Ambassador Timothy Roemer, at a luncheon hosted by the PM of Bharat in July 2009, that the RSS was a “bigger threat” to Bharat than the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

It was not all. At The Annual Conference of DGPs held on 16 September 2011, a special director of the IB reportedly informed the state police chiefs that Hindutva activists have either been suspected or are under investigation in 16 incidents of bomb blasts in the country.

So much investments had gone in and out just to put Hindus under guilt, disarm the Hindutva coefficient and of course kill all the opposition which could have some value for Hindus.

So much was at stake. The Ram Mandir, Article 370 and largely the Hindu self respect.

This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Aabhas Maldahiyar (@Aabhas24) on June 28, 2022.

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