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Sunday, June 4, 2023

HINOs join Islamists in gloating over Gen. Rawat’s death

The shocking helicopter crash which claimed the life of Bharat’s top military official, CDS Gen. Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 other military personnel, has sent shockwaves through the country. Ordinary citizens across the country are paying homage to the plain-speaking General who had touched a chord in their hearts.

However, a section of citizenry has been seen cheering or gloating over the tragedy, a pattern that been seen before during the Pulwama attack, or deaths of senior Hindu leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley etc. Many have openly wished for PM Modi’s assassination, or cheered when he or HM Amit Shah became ill.

The Islamist glee has been witnessed in abundance. But what has come as a shock to many are the unpalatable reactions to Gen. Rawat’s death from sections of the military veterans community. It must be remembered that Gen. Rawat was driving bold defense reforms and making a push for indigenous weapons, that had irked many who are part of the foreign arms import lobby. Some others were not able to digest Gen. Rawat working cohesively with the current political leadership of PM Modi – a cardinal sin for ‘seculars’, if ever there is one.

Apart from this, there are assorted HINOs (Hindus in Name Only) who have also been left unmoved by this tragedy, or are actively mocking/celebrating it.

Let’s look at these different sections one by one.


Islamists were openly sharing laughing/happy emojis, or gross abuses, on social media in reaction to news of the chopper crash, and the subsequent confirmation of Gen.Rawat’s demise.

While many are from Pakistan, there is no dearth of such elements within Bharat too. A few samples can be seen below –

1.) Javad Khan (21) from Rajasthan’s Tonk – a hotbed of Islamist crimes, including grooming jihad, and the scene of Hindu exodus – has been arrested for sharing an image of General Rawat saying he got burnt alive even before entering jahannum (Islamic term for hell).

Khan’s other social media posts are equally disturbing, as it reveal him to be a pro-Taliban, self-avowed Islamic fundamentalist who advocates violence and sharia instead of Constitution and nationalism.

2.) An FIR has been lodged against Mustafa Riaz of Hyderabad who tweeted “He (Gen. Rawat) died a dog’s death..Modi is next..InshaAllah” and claims to be a ‘Proud Indian’ from Osmania University.

(Warning – disturbing image)

3.) Aafreen Hassan Naqash, a resident of Srinagar and employee of J&K Bank has been suspended from her job.

4.) Mir Aquib from Srinagar, who claims to work as an inventory auditor for Cadbury Dairy Milk Ltd..

5.) Firoz Dewan from Gujarat has reportedly been arrested

6.) Rayees Rafiq, a Kahsmiri currently residing in Delhi who coaches IAS aspirants.

7.) Arfaz Siddiqui Shaikh, a doctor from Nellore who studied MBBS at the Sri Venkateshwara Medical College in Tirupati.

8.) Abdul Aziz Choudhury, studying at Ramanuja Gupta junior college in Silchar, Assam.

Defence veterans

9.) Col. Baljit Bakshi (retd.) tweeted “Karma has its own way of dealing with people”. After facing massive outrage, he initially put out an apology for his tweet, and his now deactivated account was full of crude jibes against the PM and propaganda in favor of the recent ‘farmers’ protest.

10.) Wing Commander Anuma Acharya (retd) tweeted in Hindi “Role Khatm. Khel Khatm. Jai Hind” i.e. “Role is over (possibly referring to the new Chief of Defence Staff, CDS role which Gen. Rawat was the first incumbent of). Game is over. Jai Hind”. It is notable that Acharya has been a AAP candidate in the MP assembly elections, and had also claimed that the violence seen in Delhi during the 26 Jan ‘tractor rally’ was a government conspiracy.

It is notable that sections of ex-military personnel, especially within IAF, have been vocally opposed to the theatre command idea being pushed by late CDS Rawat to bring greater integration among the 3 armed forces – Army, Air Force, Navy – as they see it as encroachment on their turf.

11.) Col. Ajai Shukla, allegedly a lobbyist for foreign arms suppliers with close links to Nehru-Gandhi family, shared the celebratory image of cake on the night the CDS dies (tweet was later deleted).

12.) Lt. Gen. HS Panag had declared Gen. Rawat dead at 2.52 PM, whereas the official confirmation came much later. He has been a rabid critic of Gen. Rawat, in his opinion columns for The Print.

13.) Lt. Col. Anil Duhoon (retd) tweeted “Karma always hits back”. After deleting his tweet, he adopted the usual leftlib tactic of lashing out at ‘bhakts’. His timeline shows him to be a rabid Modi-baiter, who gives friendly advice to Congress on how to win seats in Western UP in the upcoming UP polls.

Liberal, Samajwadi, Communist, Neo-Amedkarite and other assorted HINOs

14.) One Shivbhai Ahir from Gujarat has been arrested for tweeting “After Pulwama traitor Manohar Parrikar, Army Chief Bipin Rawat, now it is (Ajit) Doval’s turn”. His social media profile indicates he is a Samajwadi party supporter.

15.) Prerna Bakshi, a columnist for The Wire, The Hindu, Newslaundry etc, who resides in Hong Kong and is a China admirer, called Gen. Rawat a ‘warmongering general’ and the biggest security threat for the country just hours before his demise. Why? Because Gen. Rawat stated the obvious fact that China has become Bharat’s biggest security threat.

16.) Replying to Bakshi, Sanjukta Basu, a typical Lutyens’ liberal, couldn’t hold herself back and misrepresented Gen. Rawat’s words on ordinary Kashmiris now helping Army in identifying and eliminating terrorists. Left-liberals claim that the late general approved of ‘lynching’ in general when he had stated last month, “Nobody [terrorists] are being allowed to go scot free… The same locals [Kashmiris] are now giving information about the terrorists. In fact, now what we are told is, the locals are saying we will lynch the terrorists, which is a very positive sign that is coming in.” 

17.) Actress Mona Ambegaonkar, called Gen. Rawat a “Nazi”. She has appeared in iconic shows playing middle-class Hindu roles in iconic TV serials like Dekh Bhai Dekh, CID etc.

18.) Ambegaonkar’s tweet was in response to an original tweet by Anubhav Singh claiming Gen. Rawat had committed ‘crimes against humanity’ in Kashmir. Singh’s twitter bio states “Dalit Marxist Leninist, Development Economics @Harvard, IR @FletcherSchool– Focus on Middle East & South Asia. Dialectical since 1917. Formerly .@NITIAayog“.

19.) Gautam Prakash from Agra, who calls himself a ‘Proud Ambedkarite’ on Facebook, posted “Is Bipin Rawat dead or alive? Will the secret of Pulwama get buried with him?” A conspiracy theory about Pulwama being an ‘inside job’ engineered by PM Modi had gained wide traction before the 2019 LS elections, and was actively spread by Lutyens’ cabal like Col. Ajai Shukla, The Hindu’s editor G Sampath and secular politicians.


20.) A handle @mvijay135 tweeted “Karma hit him very badly & that too without his ‘Khaki Short'” with a gory & disturbing image from the crash. His timeline shows he is a staunch supporter of the Mughal tyrant Aurnagzeb, and his follower list consists of mostly Congress supporters. It could well be someone tweeting under a fake identity. A complaint has been lodged against him in Mumbai.

21.) One Vijender Moond from Bhairupura, Sikar posted on Facebook “Uttarakhand’s Rafael commission thief rangad (apparently a casteist slur) died in Tamil Nadu in a chopper crash at 11.45, along with his lugai (rustice term for wife)”.

22.) Atul Dubey, whose twitter bio says he is Joint Coordinator of Congress Seva Dal, Madhya Pradesh, retweeted a tweet by one Sanjana Rawal, believed to be from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, that said “Pulwama attack mastermind Bipin Rawat dropped dead. God’s justice. God’s curse”. Congress and other secular circles were agog at the time of the dastardly Pulwama suicide attack by a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist, with a conspiracy theory that the attack was staged by PM Modi to help him in the 2019 LS elections. Likes of controversial veteran Ajai Shukla had even spun a theory that “Pakistani ISI carried out the attack to get Modi re-elected”

23.) Ram Prabaharan, a graduate of IIT Delhi, tweeted “Guys, that homophobic piece of trash is dead”. After IPC section 377 was abolished to decriminalize homosexuality, Gen. Rawat was asked by media whether the Army too would now allow homosexuals. He replied in the negative, saying Army doesn’t have all the freedoms civilians do (like right to form a Union), and that it would continue to follow the Army Act that does not permit homosexuality. It must be noted that only 3 countries in Asia currently allow homosexuals in the Army or have no official policy barring them.

An LGBT activist group has asked its followers to “not be scared” of abusing the deceased General for his ‘homophobia’.

24.) One Durgesh Vaskale has reportedly been arrested from Khodari, Madhya Pradesh. He had posted “You had killed 14 of ours, nature consumed 13 of yours. Power of Johar” Khodari is a tribal-dominated MP village close to the Chattisgarh border. It is likely that the 14 dead Vaskale is referring to are Maoist terrorists killed by security forces. ‘Johar’ is a term used by vanvasis to hail and respect nature’s supreme power, and also as a festive greeting.

25.) An illustrator from Mumbai with the handle @joogasama – tweeted his happiness that ‘war criminal’ Bipin Rawat died, and expressed sadness that Modi, Shah were not accompanying him-

26.) R Prasad, Science Editor at the anti-Hindu ‘The Hindu’ newspaper had no condolences to offer, but said this about Gen. Rawat’s demise.

He has since locked his twitter account. Incidentally, Social Affairs Editor of ‘The Hindu’ G Sampath had spread rumors during the Galwan clash that PM Modi had deliberately sacrificed soldiers from the Bihar regiment for political gains in the upcoming Bihar assembly elections.

27.) Monidipta Sarkar, a journalist/content writer with display picture of murderous Communist leader Josef Stalin, posted mockingly “moron Rawat had an accident” with a clown emoji.

28.) Tathagato Roychoudhury, a Chartered Accountant, posted on LinkedIn “When a chopper chopped the head of indian sanghi…”

Here are the people who ‘liked’ this post –

29.) Anwesha Sen, a research assistant at Hasgeek – a tech community for geeks/techies to participate in workshops and other events. She is a graduate of Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and posted “Bipin Rawat – the war criminal”


There were others too who do not fall in the above categories-

29.) Ashlin Mathew, Congress-mouthpiece National Herald’s editor, tweeted “Divine Intervention” and then deleted it.

30.) The handle @Clive_1757 claiming to be from Shillong, whose timeline is full of tweets about removal of AFPSA from NE, tweeted a disturbing image with the caption “RIP, Roasted curry Rawat” while tagging Maj Gen Harsha Kakar, a retired Armyman who posts articulately on national security issues and against Pakistani aggression.

31.) In Tamil Nadu, several Dravidianist handles have posted celebratory tweets, and wished that PM Modi was accompanying the general. Shockingly, YouTuber Maridhas who exposed such posts/tweets was arrested by the DMK government, while no action seems to have been taken against the anti-national elements cheering the General’s death.

Karnataka CM Bommai has directed police to take action against those making derogatory/celebratory social media posts on Gen. Rawat’s death.

If readers come across more such specimens, we request them to email us at [email protected] or post in comments below.

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  1. It is a pity you can’t prosecute these inhuman anti nationals in a democracy, who can’t condole, but celebrate the martyrdom of the solders in uniform.

  2. The death of CDS Bipin Rawat is a big blow to India. And more shocking and appalling are the responses coming from some Indians. Despite being Indian citizens, they (mainly Muslims) celebrate the loss (of any kind) inflicted to India. These Mirjaffars are to be dealt with heavily.

  3. This is just sad, what can I say, this is what you get for nourishing Anti-India forces withing India.
    Now don’t cry, and learn a thing or two from China, Russia.
    Democracy or Groupism my 🦶


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