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Monday, July 22, 2024 – A counter to Halalistan

Halal Certification has become mainstream in Bharat. Earlier, it was confined to only meat products but now Halal Certification is everywhere. Whether you buy Tata Salt or enjoy Haldirams’ snacks, whether you apply lipsticks or you go to hospitals, whether you eat at Parliament Canteen or eat at roadside dhabas, you can’t be free from Halal Certification. 

From cradle to cremation, Halal is everywhere. It seems that Halal certification or more precisely Halal economics has seized the entire nation. 

Can we change the situation? Can we empower non-Muslims? Can we restore the human rights and liberty of 1 billion+ non-Muslims of Bharat to have Halal Free Products and Services?

Before answering above questions, let us explore few other important questions. 

1.) Who seeks for Halal Certification?

  • As per an Indian Express article [1] 99% applicants for Halal Certification from Gujarat were non-Muslims. Other states may have similar pattern.

2.) Who buys Halal Certified products and services?

  • Majority of the buyers are Hindus or Sikhs or Jains or Buddhists or Christians in Bharat.

3.) Why do we need Halal Certification in a country where more than 85% buyers are non-Muslims? 

  • Most of the Muslims demand Halal products only, whether they live inside Bharat or outside. Muslims are non-compromising on this issue.

4.) Why do Hindus buy products having Halal Certification?

  • Most of the Hindus do not know about Halal Certification. Even if they know about it, they do not know about the brands or companies which force them to buy Halal products. They also do not know about the brands or companies which sell Halal Free products.

The solution to the 4th question is possible. If Hindus/non-Muslims are made aware about the companies/brands which force them to buy Halal and the companies which offer Halal Free products and services, then the consumers can make an informed choice.

With this simple idea a team led by an IIT alumnus is developing a portal which lists brands or companies which force Hindus/non-Muslims to buy Halal products and services. After a few weeks, the portal will also start listing and promoting companies or brands which offer Halal Free products and services.

This portal is not an e-commerce website. This is simply an information sharing website to help Hindus make an informed choice. The creator of the portal clarified that:

“We are not against any religion or brand or company. 

We support the right of Muslims to consume Halal Products but we also support the right of non-Muslims to consume Halal Free Products.”

In Bharat, more than 1 Lakh major brands, companies and institutions are Halal Certified and this number is increasing at a very fast pace. Creating a database of all these agencies is not easy, therefore the team is looking for partners. 

In the beginning, the portal will start with self-certification of Halal Free products and services. But over the time, it will partner with agencies working on Dharmik or Sattvik Certification System. The team could be reached at @in_icu [Twitter] or

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