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Thursday, September 29, 2022

More Draconian Government Control Over Private Hindu-run CBSE Schools

In a shocking move, the Government run CBSE board has decided to take away the right of private unaided schools to select their own principals. Current and aspiring Principals will have to fulfill certain minimum qualifications and clear a PET (Principal Eligibility Test) conducted by CBSE, and the principal selection committee set up by private schools will consist of 5 members – with nomination of 3 members controlled  by CBSE/State Government, giving them an effective 3:2 veto over the principal appointment!

As per this report

“Private unaided schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will no longer be able to appoint principals or heads on their own as the board has empowered itself to monitor such appointments in schools that fall under its ambit. Also, teachers aspiring to be principals will now have to qualify a Principal Eligibility Test (PET) conducted by the board, a circular issued on Thursday said.

According to a CBSE circular issued to all state education directorates, school principals and other stakeholders, it will now be mandatory for schools to include a CBSE nominee and a state government nominee in their selection committees for principals. Further, these committees will have to comprise five or more members instead of the four that were required till now, the new addition being that of the state government nominee. What makes this change significant is that the member with experience in school administration, hitherto nominated by schools’ managing committees, will now be nominated by the chairperson of the CBSE.

This means that out of the five members on the panel, two will be appointed directly by, or with the approval of, the CBSE.”

Here is the circular issued by CBSE which talks about the PET, and here is the circular which talks about the change in school’s selection committee.

Extract from CBSE circular regarding selection committee for Principal recruitment in private unaided schools

Note: The earlier selection committee consisted of 4 members, all nominated by the School Management Committee, and the new guidelines make it a 5-member committee, with a veto to the 2 members directly nominated by CBSE + State Government (another 1 member has to be nominated by school management in consultation with CBSE). This is nothing short of a takeover of the Principal appointment process in private UNAIDED schools by CBSE.

The last thing private unaided schools, which are already reeling from the ill-effects of the draconian RTE Act, needed was more Government interference in their functioning. The simple question to be asked here is – who is providing better quality education in Bharat today – is it sarkari schools or the private ones? Barring a few state-run schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas etc, it is private schools that parents prefer. But instead of focusing on improving the standard of malfunctioning Government schools, a statutory body like CBSE working under the aegis of the Ministry of HRD wants to now meddle in private school appointments?

This is akin to the Ministry of Finance saying that they will have a major say in the appointment of MD/CEO to private banks like HDFC, ICICI or Ministry of Telecommunications interfering in CEO appointments of a Reliance Jio etc.

If a private school appoints an unqualified person as principal and performance of the school drops, parents whose wards study in that school are free to pull their children out. Doesn’t the Government have enough on its plate already? Does MoHRD minister Prakash Javdekar think this is the ‘minimum Government, maximum Governance’ agenda that PM Modi promised?

Is this how the Government cultivates trust with society, Mr. Javadekar? With retrograde steps like these, CBSE is pushing Bharat further back in the field of education.

Aren’t ALL private unaided schools are impacted?

You might be wondering why our article heading says that private unaided Hindu-run schools are impacted, whereas the CBSE notification just talks about private unaided schools in general. Well, the way this game is played will ensure that minority institutions affiliated to CBSE (even the Government-aided ones) are exempt from these regulations.

As two twitter users  – @mnshzz & @by2kaafi – who are long-time observers of how the education sector and Idea of India (IOI) lobby works, explain –

  • Since minority schools are exempted from TET (Teacher Eligibility Test – a mandatory requirement for RTE-affected Hindu schools), it naturally follows that such schools would be exempt from PET too.
  • Even if CBSE initially claims that the rule applies to all..here is the neat trick by #IOI –  they have built a strong legal regime protecting minority run schools autonomy
    • So what happens is that CBSE will make a general rule saying it’s applicable to all, and in 2 months minority institutions (primarily the Christian missionary school lobby) will take it to court and get exemptions without any fuss
    • That is the approach in every law or rule change, be it RTE, fee, teacher appointments, TET etc etc.

Who is behind this?

Take a look at the Members of the CBSE Affiliation Committee which made the PET recommendation –


And the members of the CBSE Governing Body which ratified the PET recommendation


Mostly IAS babus, or people leading some of the top educational regulatory bodies like All India Council for Technical Education, Medical Council of India etc. Almost all of them Hindus – and actively working against Hindu interests by obstructing private Hindu enterprise in education, the most vital sector for nation-building.

Why are they hellbent on imposing a license-permit raj on schools? Why can’t our education sector be liberated the way we have done to our economy since 1991?

Why are these obsolete pen-pushers playing with the future of our children? If anything, this shows how cancerous the IAS-babu class has become to Bharat – we need an urgent infusion of domain experts in all fields…we need ministers who can shake things up in their respective departments, a la Nitin Gadkari.

Was HRD Minister Javdekar aware of such a flawed decision? Or are the HRD and CBSE mandarin running circles around him? Was this the reason that there was such a major hue and cry for the 2 years that Smriti Irani was Minister of HRD – because she did not allow vested interests & Nehruvian loyalists in bureaucracy to do as they please? Despite not possessing a fancy degree, she was not afraid to lock horns with the entrenched babus and technocrats or cut through their bureaucratese when needed!

We know that left-liberals openly cheered when Smriti Irani was shifted to the Textiles Ministry, and hoped that new HRD minister would be more ‘accommodative‘ – seems they have their wish now.  Mr. Javdekar has tried his best to appease the cabal of left-liberal academics and ‘intellectuals’ who were up in arms at Smriti Irani’s spirited and givse-as-good-as-she-gets attitude. Even the NEP (New Education Policy) which was drafted during Irani’s term and was taking some baby-steps towards indigenizing curriculum, has now been trashed under Javadekar it seems.

And this was the ultimate act of appeasement to the CONgress ecosystem

Sonia Gandhi’s Congress with just 145 Lok Sabha seats in UPA-1 introduced the 93rd Constitutional Amendment which laid the ground work for the anti-Hindu RTE Act, and Mr. Javdekar who is part of a ruling party with 282 seats has meekly surrendered the Government’s mandate to repeal flawed and sectarian laws like the 93rd amendment!


Left-liberals know that education is the key sector which controls the nation’s destiny. As long as elementary and higher education is in their grasp, they will keep feeding their secular-Marxist-Abrahamic propaganda to children in pursuit of their end goal of creating a post-Hindu Bharat. And what better way than to wreck Hindu-run schools and educational institutions, leaving the field wide open for the evangelicals.

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  1. The Aryan Constitution depicted by the Swastika demands equal importance to the Leader (Warrior), the Judge, the Law enforcer and the Teacher from the smallest microcosm to the empire.

    However, this had been dismantled by the Moslem rulers of Bengal and Motherass long before the British got here. But, the real destruction and eradication of education that thrived in erstwhile Vijayanagar viceregalities like Mysore and Travancore began in 1947 when the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Moslem-Communist (Pangolin) consensus imposed on India by Cambridge, Columbia, Elphinstone and Presidency educated trash and play boys who had no idea of Indian culture, traditions, or History and were solely committed to the welfare of themselves and their camp followers at the expense of the Nation.

    India is all about appearance. Never about purpose. There are no standards of performance as this may expose India’s rulers down to the Circle Inspector and Tehsildar from the person infesting the Rashtra Potty Bhavan. India is about the gaudy turbans, hollow promises, Bollywood dances and anything to escape reality,

    India is delighted that there is an Admiral Gorshkov for “Fleet Reviews” parked safely in Karwar Port. Indian made INSAS Rifles do not fire. Rifles, after all are meant for RD Parade and Funeral Parades. If they fire, next, we may need to spend money on ammunition!

    This is so with all aspects of India, and so it is with “education”. Huch (Mad) Narasimhiah as the first Dalit Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University expended the entire library budget on books about Gandhism and Kannada in the 1970s. If any student wanted to study anything else, they either bought their own books, depended on “Guide Books” or devoted themselves to the sole profession of India, politics in the Canteen and Goonda Giri on the streets.

    Balraj as the first Indian Principal of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore sold the priceless library books, collected over more than century, for a pittance at the school fete in the 1970s to make space for more class rooms. Here is something that I wrote a long time ago in New York Times on Indian Education. :

    “The British Empire in India enunciated universal primary and secondary education as a priority next only to the war efforts (Two World Wars). Anglican Britain even encouraged Catholics to prosper for the education that they would bequeath India. Princely States such as Travancore, Mysore, and Baroda bench marked themselves with each other and European Countries to surpass the Empire. This produced the thinking, ideas, and conception of liberty in educated Indians that led to India’s independence. This must have weighed heavily on the minds of India’s founding fathers and, most particularly, the Nehru-Gandhi-Ambedkar confectioners of India’s “Animal Farm” Constitution and the Congress Party, because, post independence (1947), primary and secondary education other than available in private or Christian schools were systematically dismantled. This has paid rich dividends to India’s ruling elites who have managed to wallow in crime and corruption with impunity and without any serious backlash from the starving, defecating-in-the-open, illiterate majority vote fodder that they nurture to keep themselves in power and pelf for sixty five long years. Though there are cosmetic, totalitarian moves (such as the confiscation of 25% of the seats in private education for the “poor” by a typically insane Indian Law in 2012) ), there is no way the current dispensation will tolerate wide spread education in India as it threatens the very source of their rights to rapine and plunder.”

    “When the British came there was, throughout India, a system of communal schools, managed by the village communities. The agents of the East India Company destroyed these village communities, and took steps to replace the schools; even today, after a century of effort to restore them, they stand at only 66% of their number a hundred years ago. Hence, the 93 % illiteracy of India.

    (source: The Case for India – By Will Durant Simon and Schuster, New York. 1930 p.44).” (Sachin Gupta)


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