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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

‘Democracy Exists Only Till We Have Demography On Our Side’ – Adv Chetna Sharma, Interview On Land Jihad, Part 2 –

The below is the 2nd part of the Interview on Land Jihad, with practicing lawyer Smt. Chetna Sharma who also fights radical Islam. The 1st part can be read here – ‘Land Jihad Is Directly Linked To Demography Change’ – Advocate Chetna Sharma, Exclusive Interview (Part 1) .

Here is the audio of the interview :


Below is the transcript mentioning key points spoken by advocate Chetna Sharma (from 18 m 45 s onwards) :

Things like development, materialism, these don’t seem to dilute the ideology of Islam. Why?

Chetna ji –

  • Because the Islamic fundamentalists have a vision post independence to make Bharat an Islamic nation.
  • This is because they know the political will here against them, and towards Hindus is negligible.
  • Urban people think that everything in a democracy can be changed through elections.
  • But, you get a Hindu colony surveyed, there’ll hardly 100 to 150 kids who will grow up to be 18 years old in a decade. But if you do this survey in a smaller Muslim colony, you will know what I am saying.
  • So, you can  maintain democracy only if you have enough heads/ demography.
  • Hence, we need to concentrate on ongoing demography change.

I have a question here, how can we compete with an ideology where a woman gives birth to even 12 or 14 kids? We can’t possibly have so many kids!

Chetna ji –

  • We can’t give birth to 12, but we can certainly give birth to 3 or 4 kids.
  • People of our age just want our own children to be safe, we want to leave enough assets for them.
  • But the truth is, in 20 years, there will be far lesser Hindu kids than today. We wont have kids in our homes!
  • A property that is rendered possession-less, will go into which hands?

There’s this new urban trend, couples are opting for not having any kid, not even a single kid….

Chetna ji –

  • Yes, both Husband and Wife work, evening they come home and party around.
  • But then their properties will be rendered owner-less, and such properties get occupied by anyone then.
  • Islam is not at fault here, we are at fault.

This needs a huge mindset change…

Chetna ji –

  • Mindset change has to begin with my /our own self.
  • Now you will write on this, and people should observe around, who lives next door, what is happening nearby.
  • We don’t even know who is our neighbor!
  • Islamic Jihad has a clear strategy of possessing everything. for this, they are constantly increasing population.
  • Democracy exists only till we have demography on our side.
  • Kashmir saw a genocide of Hindus, those were not simple rapes. They were brutal, deliberately meant to scare the Hindus away.
  • So the urban people need to come out of secularism and see that how our children will survive through.
  • Money is no guarantee of safety and survival. A rich country like Bharat would never have undergone slavery if money meant protection.
  • Whoever has more money, is a softer target!
  • People need to accept the truth that, Land Jihad can only be stopped if you have population, i.e. more children. 

But Bharat is still a Hindu majority nation, with a secular constitution….

Chetna ji –

  • But in spite of we being in majority, how many of our demands are actually heard by the government?
  • Are in we in a position to make ourselves heard? Are we capable of getting heard?
  • We are divided among political parties.
  • There are cases where Islamic Jihadis have murdered the people living on a property but there’s nobody to pursue the case. That’s because there’s only one offspring that remains, there’s nobody to fight.
  • If I am murdered, only my children will fight.. who else will come to fight?

Don’t you think there’s a role of Hindu organizations too…

Chetna ji –

  • Hindu organizations are working only till the time Hindus are a majority. Every system of Hindus is at the failure level!
  • In Saharanpur, there was an explosive fluid thrown in the shops of Hindus, and after inquiry it was found that the fluid / liquid was the same as used in Kashmir. This happened after Muzaffarnagar riots.
  • At the same time, the RSS Nagar Karyavah was shot dead in Saharanpur.  There wasn’t much commotion made by Hindus as a community.
  • Kairana happened because of demography change, the daughters of Hindus were eve-teased.
  • Land Jihad is only a small part of Islamic Jihad. And we don’t have a single organization for us, telling us how dangerous this is.
  • There is a girl called Ashu Parihar, she wrote and recited a poem against Islam. Today, we Hindus are a majority, even then, there are 50 FIRs filed against her through out the country!
  • And we are not doing anything which will keep us majority. Kashmir valley was emptied of Hindus on gunpoint in one night!
  • Urban society has never been told the dangers in clear language.
  • Today, we are not speaking up even when our daughters are being disrespected. We are ethically dead, because we are alone in our houses.

We keep hearing this ‘if a citizen is patriotic, it doesn’t matter if he is a Muslim or Hindu’, we keep hearing , ‘ doesn’t matter if Hindus convert, Bharat will remain’….

Chetna ji –

  • There is no concept of ‘nation’, ‘patriotism’ in Islam. Religion comes first.
  • It has stopped being a matter of concern to Hindus if their children will remain Hindu or not. The land will obviously remain the same but on this land, future will tell us if Hindus will live on this land or Muslims.
  • We keep saying Bharat mata, when Bharat mata’s head gets cut off, we still call her mata but we don’t fight for saving it. When her one hand gets cut off…. same. We never really fight for her identity / existence.
  • We are thinking about everything today, property, land, money, but we are not thinking about our children.
  • This has become a question of survival now. We must look at demography closely now.
  • This has to be brought into our vision.
  • I can give you many examples of Meerut, where Hindus came from interiors of the city to make a new colony because of demography change, and again the new colony had a fairly reasonable population of Muslims just within a year!
  • Either we will have to fight, or we will become Islamic. 
  • The people who will read this, must get aware and see what’s happening around.

Chetna ji, do you mind publishing any part of this interview?

Chetna ji – No, not at all.

Thank you for speaking to us. Namaskar. 

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  1. Modi govt should enact 2 child norm to keep the current demographic balance. Muslim are simply out-breeding Hindus at a fast rate.

  2. An advocate’s take on democracy. Which as per the Quran and Hadiths is Dar ul Harb: which is anathema to Islam:


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