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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cow and New Age ‘Spiritual’ Hindus

Most of the problems of the world are because less than 10% of the world control 100% of the resources of the world. And these 10% people believe in the ‘Use and Throw’ approach – be it things, animals, trees, water or people. Irrespective of their political ideology or religious orientation, the ‘Use and Throw’ approach is widespread.

The only religion from times immemorial which did not believe in this approach & which perfected Respect to Nature, is Hind Dharma or Sanatan Dharma. That is why Hindus treat all of nature – be it human beings, animals, plants, planets, rivers or seas – all of it is God. And for this approach, Hindus have been vilified, treated as heathens, believed to be regressive and have been made to feel ashamed of their culture and heritage.

Right now, in Bharat today, cow protection and vigilantism is the hot topic of discussion. Why? If a creature which feeds you in various ways, from birth to death, is treated with reverence, does it show a narrow mindset or does it show spirituality? Those who are fighting for the right to skin it when alive, slaughter it in a painfully slow manner, eat its meat even when they know that it is not the ideal source of nutrition – are they all humans worthy of respect? Does a fundamental right to eat a food of your choice stand head and shoulders above a fundamental right to save a creature which is responsible for the other foods on your table (grains, milk, cheese, etc.)?

Bharat once was a land of Raja Shibi, who cut off the flesh of his thigh to feed the kite which wanted to eat the pigeon which had approached Raja Shibi for protection of life. Today’s India is the land where slaughtering a helpless cow in the middle of the road, surrounded by able bodied men who are there to hold tight its legs and wriggling body and head, is called an act of brave revolt. To me it is a REVOLTING act. How did the spectators not feel a stirring in their hearts? Is their conscience so dead?

On a so-called famous ‘spiritual’ website run by the Times of India group, a person had asked the question:

“Should we equate Mother with cow, land and language like Mother cow, Mother land and Mother tongue, should we protect/defend our mother cow, land and tongue when in trouble?”

Look at the answers given by the ‘spiritual’ seekers, all of who were incidentally Hindus (at least they had Hindu sounding names):

  • The practice exhibits the primitiveness of the society.
  • In this world of illusions one can equate mother with anything. One can call a tree as mother, a river as mother, a bird as mother, a land as mother, a language as mother there are no bars. Life has no mother nor father – only the temporary body is born ‘through’ a ‘mother’.
  • Those are all SYMBOLS, in reality we only have one human mother. But DULLARDS cant differentiate between symbols and the real. Politicians know this handicap of the less intelligent ones and they harness the power of such people for their political motives. So there are enough people to kill and die for a symbol.
  • A cow is a cow, land is a land, language is a language meant for communicating and mother shall always be mother….any joker who adds to this has some vested or political interest.
  • Obsess (ion) of any thing is bad. Land is like our mother. Cow is like our mother. Because, we are in lap of our land etc. But, when such matters become political shape, we must not go into it much. We live in democratic country. Our country is like continent. Many religious are followed in our country. We must not force any one what to eat & what not !!
  • Protecting mother land is a common thing as individuals cannot. Protection of mother tongue is not required that much because every child learns it individually from their mother or father or the elders in the family. Mother cow is required to be protected by their owners and is not other’s concern because cows are not wild animals or strays like dogs. When the cows get old, their owners let them loose (couple of years ago they used to sell) just as some discard their own mothers.

This is the ‘spirituality’ that Bharatiya Ethos has descended to. And you want to protect cows … and rivers … and trees … and nature … and people … and Sanskrit … and Vedas & other Scriptures … and Bharat Mata?

Forget it you lot … you cannot even protect your own souls – wait for the day when your souls will be harvested by Missionaries of Abrahamic religions wanting to SAVE your souls. Go learn about your Gita and Ramayan and Mahabharata and ‘Indology’ through twisted tales spread by the likes of Devadutt Pattanaik, Wendy Doniger and Audrey Truschke. Go fall into the deep pit dug by the Secularists and Apologists.

Don’t learn about your own culture despite having access to everything and blame the Brahmins for preventing the Common Man from learning the Scriptures. Go complain about the Judiciary passing wrong judgements. Go burn billboards which have a Bharatiya language different from your State language. Go kill people and destroy property to show that you are a Dravidian who hates the mythical ‘Aryans’ who pushed you to the South.

Do all that but don’t teach yourself or your children about Sanatan Dharma, about Sanskrit, about calling Gou, Gita, Ganga as Maa. In short, become a hypocrite waiting for others to Save Hindu Dharma.

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Rati Hegde
Rati Hegde
Rati Hegde is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai.


  1. Rati,
    You know me on the face-book. Will anybody or you question God or the human Society that, why has HE given control of the world-resourses to 10 % of the people of the world who hardly care for HIM accept when the business of God becomes profitable in any way.? !

    • Yes Prakash ji – we’ve known each other for years now. Who am i to question His ways? I just accept Him as He is. But a human form is not and cannot be for selfish uses of Nature with total disregard to the feelings of others.


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