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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

In the business of maligning Bharat

There was a strange question on Quora recently: “Is India becoming the most hated country?”

It reminded me of the years after Nirbhaya’s rape and murder, when a massive campaign was launched worldwide to portray Indian men as rapists. It was so massive that it reached not only local papers in Germany and probably everywhere else, but a local paper in Nuremberg dedicated half a page to her memory even one year AFTER it had happened.  The impact of this campaign was extraordinarily “successful” if one could use this term:  in March 2015 a biochemistry professor at the University of Leipzig refused admission to her course to a Indian student because of India’s “rape problem”. It even turned out that this was not the only case.

Since this Quora campaign started soon after the news about the Rotherham grooming gangs of mainly Pakistani men came out in the open, I wondered if the questioner wanted to know how well the business of maligning India had progressed and if India is on the way of becoming the most hated country.

Here is my reply:

Oh no, India (Bharat) can never become the most hated country – never mind how much media and missionaries and other vested interests try to portray it as such.

There are too many people in the world who know India, who know her profound philosophy, who know how much she has contributed to civilization, more than any other country in this world, who know how kind and open-minded her people are, how they live and let live and this includes millions of Cow, monkeys, stray dogs, even tigers, leopards, elephants, snakes, etc… in spite of a huge population on little space.

Too many people know how colourful and joyful the atmosphere is during the many festivals, which have mostly a religious nature, they know how alive the country is and how generously India shares her knowledge like Yoga or Ayurveda, how amazing her culture is – music, dance, sculpture, architecture. And also, there are too many people who know Indians who live abroad and know that they are among the best immigrants possible.

But yes, attempts are on to portray India in very poor light, and ‘rapes in India’ and ‘atrocities against minorities’ are preferred news on foreign TV channels, like on German dw (Deutsche Welle) or BBC, when the same channels will not broadcast rapes that happen in Germany or Britain.

A poll in England recently showed that Indians are seen positively (+25), while Pakistanis are seen negatively (-4). The amazing thing is that Indians and Pakistanis are basically the same people. The only difference is that some Indians converted to Islam during the long Muslim rule of their country and at the time of Independence, they demanded their own country as they didn’t want to live together with Hindus. And while hardly any Hindus are left in Pakistan, India did allow Muslims, who did not want to move to Pakistan, stay and their number is even increasing significantly.

So maybe there is one condition: India can never become the most hated country as long as it remains majority Hindu. (End)

This post got an amazing reaction – over 40,000 views within 24 hours, which was exceptionally high. Yet more or less from one moment to the other, the views suddenly dropped substantially, just at the time when I got a notification from Quora. A person with a Muslim name requested me to drop the last sentence of my post.

I didn’t do it, because what i had written is the truth.

(This article first appeared here).

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Maria Wirth
Maria Wirth
Maria Wirth is a German and came to India on a stop over (that’s at least what she thought) on her way to Australia after finishing her psychology studies at Hamburg University. She visited the Ardha Kumbha Mela in Haridwar in April 1980 where she met Sri Anandamayi Ma and Devaraha Baba, two renowned saints. With their blessing she continued to live in India and never went to Australia… She dived into India’s spiritual tradition, sharing her insights with German readers through articles and books. For long, she was convinced that every Indian knows and treasures their great heritage. However, when in recent years, she noticed that there seemed to be a concerted effort to prevent even Indians (and the world) from knowing how valuable this ancient Indian heritage is, she started to point out the unique value of Indian tradition also in English language.


  1. Hello, Plz write about these facts also. Most of us dont even see muslims in bollywood as muslims becaz of decades of conditioning through massive P.R. exercise. Thats why it needs to be talked and shared so that we can understand truth about these vile islamic social calculations. Thanks.

  2. REASONS BEHIND LOVE JIHAD ——- The ONLY REASON is BOLLYWOOD/TV, where we Hindus have made muslims superstars by “WATCHING” their movies —— In movies muslims act together with Hindu women and marry them, and this effects mindset of some Hindu girls when they see muslims marrying Hindu actress (bytheway islamic countries have BANNED HINDUS in their movies/TV/Sports) ——- These things are called Conditioning in Psychology!, And this DECADES OF CONDITIONING is the Real Reason behind love jihad —— In ignorance we Hindus have made bollywood India’s BIGGEST ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION by “Watching” their movies ——- BUT NOW we must all boycott these muslims to correct our mistake, it doesnt matter which Political Party we support, on this issue we ALL MUST BE UNITED.

  3. WHY “SOME” HINDUS DONT BELIEVE IN LOVE JIHAD ———- The ONLY REASON is that our Hinduism NEVER TEACHES US to convert anyone!!! So we cant believe that other religions will teach and motivate them to convert others ——— but if you OBSERVE CAREFULLY you will find that islam is all about converting others ——- ENTIRE CULT is based on conversion, every single muslim is actually a convert!! so we dont suspect others motives of converting us, but islam is ALL ABOUT CONVERSION, every single person in islam is a convert, so these SHARUKH, SALMAN, AMIR etc all started marrying Hindus in a “Systematic Manner”, and started Showing Off/PARADING them in media to send a msg of love jihad ——– Islamic leaders tell these muslims to marry ONLY Hindus to send an “Inspiration” for love jihad and trigger a DOMINO/CASCADING EFFECT in our society——-islam works like a “CHAIN MARKETING SCHEME,” where those convert first are told that if they convert more, they will get heaven and allah will be happy ——- And in this marketing scheme all the islamic organizations, maulavis, bollywood muslims etc motivate other muslims to convert Hindus, by marrying them, by brainwashing them or whatever ——– But do we Hindus ever get such teachings?? No!! ——– and THATS THE REASON we cant believe that others will do it ——- we think they are also like us, but they have hidden islamic motives behind their FAKE SECULAR MASK!!

  4. UNDERWORLD/TERROR FUNDING IN BOLLYWOOD started from mid 1990s, and muslim SIDEKICKS like sharukh, salman, amir also started to rise during that period ——- This was NOT COINCIDENCE, that terror funding was used to make movies involving these muslims, and Hindu directors/producers were THREATEN to cast these muslims —— terrorists with the help of these MUSLIMS made big money, and then underworld used that money to do blasts in our country, attack on civilians and army ——- We Hindus kept supporting them in THE PAST becaz MEDIA AND P.R. EXERCISE always showed these islamic agents in bollywood as good people ———- but underworld/terror funding in bollywood is a fact and a big threat to our security —— bollywood is the BIGGEST ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION in India and we Hindus must boycott islamic people in bollywood!!

  5. Bollywood is the BIGGEST ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION in India ——- MUSLIMS like sharukh, salman, amir etc use the POWERFUL MEDIA BOLLYWOOD to spread islam, and love jihad, and for this they use tools like marrying Hindus, making songs about islam/allah, advertising islamic festivals like eid, showing islamic cult as good and mocking our Hinduism ——— SPREADING ISLAM and CONVERTING is part of Socialization/Upbringing of ALL muslims, whether they are rich/poor, educated/illiterate, famous/common, “ONLY” their ways of conversion change according to their education/status/class, afterall, the “DUTY” to spread islam and convert others is the CORE OF QURAN!

  6. HOW MUSLIMS OF BOLLYWOOD use “Social Engineering/Conditioning” to spread islam, and love jihad? —— 1. MUSLIM ACTORS marry Hindu women and then parade them in media to spread love jihad ——- 2. MUSLIM WRITERS praise Cult-Islam in their movies and mock Hinduism ——- 3. MUSLIM LYRICISTS put keywords like allah/khuda in songs and the whole country sings them ——- 4. We Hindus give them 100s of crores every year, and they use this money to fund islamic activities on social media. —– All This becaz muslims whether rich/poor, educated/illiterate, are driven by “ONE COMMON IDEOLOGY”, to spread their Cult and convert others ——- THATS WHY we must all BOYCOTT these islamic agents in Movies and TV ——- and must also boycott those Hindus who support these muslims in spreading that Arabian Cult.


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