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Monday, June 5, 2023

All-Muslim junior cricket team in Kerala no surprise given demographic crossover of 2016

The Kerala team for the South Zone junior tennis ball cricket tournament threw up a few surprises with regards to the composition of the team. The players, the coach, and the manager are all Muslims. Don’t Hindus and Christians play cricket anymore in Kerala?

The team members are Muhammed Yasin (Captain), Muhammed Sajad Vice- Captain), Muhammed Rabeeh, Muhammed Damsas, Ahmed, Adnan, Shamil, Abdulla, Abdulla Omar, Salih, Mishaal and Ashmil coached by Munir and team managed by Majeed who head to the tournament to be played in Chennai.

Although such a selection opens itself up to the charge of nepotism, it also brings into focus something hiding in plain sight – the Muslim population boom in Kerala, especially among the youth cohort, and its impact on all walks of life.

Kerala with its Muslim headquarters at Malappuram might shine through as a beacon of ‘secularism’ but in reality, things are very different, as is evident from the above list. There is discrimination not just in businesses like the food sector where Hindu businesses have been overridden by the Halal brigade (an abnormally high proportion of hotels are now owned by Muslims) but in each and every aspect of public life such as the state controlling only Hindu religious institutions.

Demographic crossover 

The rapid Muslim population growth has started to manifest most notably among school-going children. The ‘minority’ is on track to become the ‘majority’ in Kerala within decades.  This would not come as a surprise to those who track demography, and who are aware of the stunning fact that in 2016, number of Muslim births overtook number of Hindu births in Kerala!

Islamic Jihadi organizations like the Popular Front of India and other allied ones have deep-rooted connections within sections of the Malayali Muslim population, which play a major role in this phenomenon. Amongst other preachings and teachings, they concentrate on exhorting their followers to become a majority population and it seems they are winning. So even though Muslim TFR might be dropping in Kerala, the Hindu TFR is dropping even more precipitously, and this widening gap is crucial as this insightful book by S.R. Swaroop reveals. 

Though 50% of the Muslim population in Bharat is confined to UP, Bihar, and Bengal they live in considerable numbers in at least 15 other states, including in Kerala. From an estimated 3.5 Crores in 1951, Muslim Population has grown to 17.5 Crores in 2011 in Bharat. The latest estimates show that there are around 20 Crores if not more. Muslims who were around 10% of the entire population in 1951 are now officially around the 15% mark in Bharat. 

Going by the numbers, soon Bharat will have more Muslims than any other country in the world. Their population should surpass both Indonesia or Pakistan who currently lead in absolute numbers. It is also pertinent at this point to note that both those countries have some sort of Sharia Law or the other imposed on the population, including on their minorities. How soon will we follow? But in some aspects – like allowing a barbaric practise like instant triple talaq to continue long after even the likes of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia had banned it, or court rulings that Muslim girls can be married off once they hit puberty (which can happen as young as 9 in some cases) – our ‘secular’ state has already allowed a parallel sharia regime to thrive in Bharat.  

This decade’s census will bring quite a few astounding numbers when it comes to data regarding minority population percentages. This would be especially high in areas where they were either already the majority or slightly lower than the majority. This will be considerably higher in Muslim-dominated areas when compared to the rest of the denominations and a perfect example would be Kerala.

Resultant socio-political upheaval

As Muslim population rises and radical organisations tighten their grip on Muslim society, we are now witnessing the infiltration of Jihadi leaders even into mainstream political parties. Both the Communists and the Congress parties are loaded with such examples

The recent outbursts and the violence perpetrated by the PFI in Kerala are a perfect example. That the current regime allowed PFI growth given their quid pro quo arrangements when it comes to elections. The government turning a blind eye has created a multi-faceted beast that thrives on violence and intimidation. Vote bank politics deter both the CPM and Congress from raising their voices or curtailing the violence.

Another interesting fact to ponder for Dhimmi Hindus – did you know that irrespective of their social and economic status, all Muslims in Kerala are categorized as OBC and enjoy 12% quota in Kerala government jobs and 8% in professional educational institutions! Yes, the so-called most ‘progressive’ state in Bharat where Muslim educational and prosperity levels are probably the highest in the country still classifies them as ‘backward’ and showers them with reservation

Introduced as an extreme form of affirmative action to uplift the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes of Bharat, the reservation system has now bloated beyond recognition. The Constitutional provisions against religion-based reservations have been breached long back, and out of control minorityism is slowly choking Hindu society to death. 

The fact that some local Kerala Muslims support the fundamentalist Jihadis is an open secret. They fail to understand that they are virtually inviting their own doom. Other parts of Bharat and the world have learned the lessons about fallout of Jihad the hard way, which Kerala has thus far managed to escape. 

Kerala Hindus have been driven into a tight corner are now starting to view the dire situation in the state from a new perspective and their patience is running thin. The sooner the Muslims who support peace recognize this, the better.

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