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Thursday, June 8, 2023

A preposterous observation by the custodians of our Constitution which could have dangerous repercussions

The observations  made by the honourable justices of the Supreme Court in reference  to Nupur Sharma’s plea of clubbing her FIR’s – which is only the prerogative of the Supreme  court – has shocked and stunned the nation. 

Article 21 of the constitution which according to the Supreme court is at the “heart of fundamental rights,” and is explicit in reaffirming the ” Right of women to be treated with decency and dignity,” and “Right to social security and protection of self and family”, seems to have been overlooked in the hasty observations. 

With open beheading threats being issued on videos to Nupur Sharma by religious fanatics and hate mongers she was well within her rights to approach the highest court and seek clubbing of all FIR’s against her so that she did not have to move from one state to another and be a sitting duck for jihadis who are baying for her blood. 

However instead of ensuring her personal safety and security by clubbing her FIR’s the honourable judges apart from reprimanding her for her insidious remarks held her responsible for the beheadings of Kanihya Lal and Umesh Kolhe which according to the observation of the esteemed judges happened because of the incendiary, provocative and inflammatory remarks of Nupur on a private channel debate. 

In blaming Nupur for the hindu beheadings and not clubbing the FIR’s against her the highest court has thrown her to the wolves (Islamic radicals). The highest court has blamed the ghastly and gory beheadings  of innocent hindus on the alleged incendiary and inflammatory and blasphemous remarks of Nupur aired on a news channel which was in response to a provocative  comment by a fellow panelist. 

Nupur should be brought to book for her blasphemous comments but does that deny her the right to seek justice from the highest court of the land which is the upholder of our constitution. Remember this is the same land where a mass murderer  like Kasab was given  state protection  which cost the state exchequer crores before he was eventually sent to the gallows.

If god forbid Nupur Sharma were to be killed by these radical Islamic terrorists  who have indulged in such horrendous and cowardly acts throughout  the world then will the highest court  accept  the blame for her killing.

The dastardly and cold blooded killing of the French secondary school teacher Samuel Paty in Conflans- Saint- Honorine on 16th October 2020  is still fresh in memory. The perpetrator of this heinous crime was Abdoullakh Anzorov and the weapon used to throttle the voice of the innocent teacher was a CLEAVER. So if we go by the observations of the Supreme court judges  then the onus of the the ghastly murder of Sameul lies with herself for mocking at the prophet and the perpetrator of this dastardly act was well within his rights for the way he acted.

This is ludicrous and preposterous and will set a dangerous precedent  though it’s just an observation and not a judgement. The fanatics,  radicals and jihadi elements will be further emboldened by these  observations to carry out their nefarious  designs in the country.

Men holding high offices particularly those of the highest court in the land should restrain from making such observations  as their is a very thin line between  a personal observation and a judgment  because the former is most likely to reflect on the latter. 

A person has been denied a simple right – which could  be the difference between life and death for her – by the highest court and her life has been left to the mercy of maniacs and Islamic radicals on the pretext that she was instrumental in instigating  the gruesome lynching and  beheadings of innocent Hindus. 

Islamic jihad and it’s fanatics  have been  responsible  for such beheadings and macabre murders in the past and history is replete with such massacres carried  out by invaders like Ghazni’s, Khilji’s and Aurangzeb’s  to name a few who did not need any instigators like Nupur to behead, slaughter or maim thousands if not millions of the opposite faith.

In fact Europe has seen the  ugly side of fanaticism, intolerance and Islamic  jihad in recent  times and the incidents  are bound to increase  with the burgeoning immigrant population. 

The observations by the Supreme court judges are in poor light and do not take into account the history of Islamic terrorists,  terror and jihadi mindset  being nurtured across the border in terror factories and in madarsas in our own country which is the root cause of such gory killings. The target killings of kashmiri  Hindus in the valley is going unabated without  any provocation. 

How many death threats and open videos of beheadings did Mahua Moitra and Leena Maimekalai receive from Hindu bigots and Right wing fundamentalists for her blasphemous  and derogatory remarks on Maa Kaali which hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus. That sums up the levels of tolerance and where sanity lies.

The honourable judges could have been more sane.

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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