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Thursday, October 6, 2022

7-Step Template of #BreakingIndia Forces on Social Media

If we closely observe the anti-Bharat propaganda peddled by the #BreakingIndia forces on social media, we can see a clear template emerging which is followed by the propagandists to bad-mouth and malign the image of Bharat.

This was pointed out by twitter user @KiranKS who has been observing the #BreakingIndia forces for a long time. We have compiled that list here:

  • Step 1: Start bad mouthing Brahmins. Easy as no one really counters you.
  • Step 2: Expand that hate to rest of “upper castes”.
  • Step 3: Start demeaning everything that is Hindu – the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Festivals, Rituals…. But keep saying we are against “Brahminism” and not Brahmins or Hindus… we are only against “Hindutva” / “Fascist forces”.
  • Step 4: Start us versus them propaganda. That is “outsider” Aryans versus Natives (mostly Dravidians) talk. Latch on to propaganda prepared by European Indologists over the past 150 years to widen the region, language, caste and religion fault lines of Bharatiya society.
  • Step 5: Expand Hindu bashing to Hindi bashing. Use “federalism” or “respect for my language” and other catchy phrases. This works brilliantly in the entire south, parts of west & east and the entire North East.
  • Step 6: Start demeaning “cow piss drinking” “Hindians”. Align with anyone who is against “Sanghis” – feminists, communists, so-called rationalists, linguists, regionalists, self-appointed tribal activists, caste orgs … anyone, as long as they oppose the evil “Chaddis”. Exploit their grievances.
  • Step 7: Say Bharat was “never 1 country”. It’s an “artificial” union dominated by “Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan” people, which is endangering “our” native identity. “They” are responsible for all our miseries. That’s how they lay foundation for forces on Twitter and FB.

These arguments and steps are often used by these propagandists to subvert the nationalists and create a divide among common citizens. Many times even the people devoted to the nationalist cause get swayed by these tricks and fall into the trap of #BreakingIndia forces. This is a call to all citizens on social media to use it as a medium to spot these propagandists hiding under the farce of ‘liberalism’ & ‘secularism’ and counter their lies with reason and rationale.

(Credit: @KiranKS)

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