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Friday, June 14, 2024

Dravidianists, Ambedkarites and Islamists unite to abuse and call for killing Brahmins before Taliban

Dravidianists and their hatred for the Brahmin community is not exactly a secret. But their recent verbal diarrhea after BBC journalist Danish Siddique’s death has crossed limits by calling them ‘Noolibans’ meaning Taliban who wear janeu. With this a fresh wave of attacks on Brahmins has started in Tamil twitter, connecting them to every problem under the sun.

Dravidianists have a habit of name-calling Brahmins after everything they dislike. It didn’t stop them from drawing non-existent similarities between Taliban and Brahmins even though they often put Jews and Brahmins on the same pedestal. It all started with a fervent DMK supporter tweeting that “Even Taliban issued condolence to Danish Siddique. But these ‘Noolinbans’ are happy”.

‘Nool’ means thread in Tamil which in turn is used by Dravidianists to imply those who wear janeu. Following this, Dravidianists, even those in the high offices of DMK started using and trending the coinage giving legitimacy to it. @skpkaruna a so-called philanthropist who runs engineering colleges in TN and is well connected to the higher echelons of the party tweeted that he’ll henceforth use ‘Noolinbans’ to denote Brahmins.

He quoted a tweet of a BJP sympathiser who called Dravidianists and those with fake Tamil pride as ‘Dumeels’ tweeting in support of Taliban. He said “If those in high position can call Tamils as Dumeels in a disparaging manner, there is nothing wrong in calling those who have blood lust on par with Taliban and wear a thread as a mark of supremacy as Noolibans”. Following this, many influential tweeters of the ‘Dravidian Stock’ started trending the coinage.

Not surprisingly many Muslims took this opportunity to support the Taliban by trending the coinage. One of them tweeted that “when Brahmins get beatings they will call the Hindu samaj. But when Hindus are beaten they’ll say that they are ‘untouchable Dalits’.”




A Muslim who claims to be a ‘social activist and believer of equality and social justice’ in his bio, tweeted “if you spotted a Taliban and a Nooliban (Brahmin) together kill the Nooliban first”, on the lines of Periyar EV.Ramasamy’s teaching that if one is to spot a snake and a Brahmin together he should kill the Brahmin first.  Rizwan, another handle tweeted “similar to how Afghanistan has Taliban Tamil Nadu has Nooliban”

Ambedkarites didn’t want to lose the moment and joined Dravidianists in abusing Brahmins. One of them tweeted “Taliban threaten by showing with guns, Nooliban threatens by showing thread”

The above tweet says “Taliban grow beard, Nooliban grow kudumi(Shikha)”. Another tweet put Sharia and Manu Smriti on the same pedestal. The same handle had also tweeted that while Taliban shot women at their heads for doing wrong, Brahmins pushed women into fire(sati) for no wrong of theirs.

Dravidianists, Ambedkarites and other anti-Brahmins have no qualms about equating Brahmins with Jews, Nazis and now Taliban, as long as it serves their purpose to demonise the Brahmin community among the unaware. However they are careful about not doing it in English as it will expose their devious deceptive techniques. Most importantly they do not expose their ideology in English lest their ideological partner Congress, which had a president who publicly proclaimed that he is a janeudhari Brahmin, be put in a spot for endorsing ethnic cleansing.

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