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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Woman Techie Protests Cow Slaughter in Bengaluru, Lynched by Mob Shouting Pro-Pakistan Slogans

In a shocking incident which again shows the brutality of the cow slaughter mafia and utter collapse of law & order in Bengaluru, a 45-year-old woman software professional was attacked by a 100 strong mob, chanting pro-Pakistan slogans, when she went with police to show the spot where illegal slaughtering was taking place.

The woman, Nandini, has accused the police of being complicit in the mob attack and suspects the SI (Sub Inspector) of being hand-in-glove with the criminals.

As per multiple media reports, Nandini, along with a couple of friends, was driving by Avalahalli area near Tippu Circle in Bengaluru’s JP Nagar when she spotted some suspicious activity. Nandini says that her friend saw cows being taken to a secluded lane in the area and being slaughtered.

It is an area where many illegal beef shops operate. They had also heard of 14 cows being found dead there in the recent past. Nandini and her friends went to Thalaghattapura police station around 6 30 PM and lodged a complaint.

Police assured them they will take necessary action, and that 15-20 policemen are already out trying to save the cattle in that area. Police claimed that all their vehicles were out on duty – hence Nandini was asked to take two police constables in her Innova car to show the exact spot where the cows were being slaughtered.

When they reached the lane where the cow slaughter was happening, Nandini saw a crowd gathered there and assumed they had gathered after seeing 15-20 policemen she thought had already reached the spot. Assuming there would be police inside the lane, she took her Innova inside towards the dead end. There, she was shocked to see no cops at all. No body was trying to save any cattle. She felt that she was set up on purpose.

The mob mobilized by the illegal beef mafia got into a frenzy and started hurling concrete blocks at her vehicle. The two constables in her car stepped out as soon as the first block hit her vehicle, and did nothing.

Nandini, woman attacked by mob, with her car that was destroyed (Credit: India Today)

The mob shouted pro-Pakistan slogans and continued raining blocks and stones on the car from all sides. All this happened around 8 30 PM. Nandini somehow managed to extricate herself, but not before suffering injuries to her head and right shoulder. Her car has been badly damaged.

Nandini told India Today that when she returned to the police station, the sub-inspector there shouted at them, refused to take pictures of them as proof of the attack, and alleged that nobody at the station bothered to help.

I now feel the SI work hand-in-glove with those criminals,” she said. “It looked like a trap to teach us a lesson. I have lodged another complaint but they have watered down the IPC sections,” Nandini told India Today.

HinduPost called up the Talaghattapura Police Station – when we  asked if any arrests have been made in the case given that a large mob attacked a woman in plain view of two police constables, we were asked to contact Inspector Vijay Kumar who didn’t answer our calls.

Beef Mafia Terror

Cattle smuggling / beef mafia frequently attacks animal rights activists and ordinary citizens who happen to love cows / animals. Last month, two women animal lovers were shot at in Gurugram by cow smugglers, while in July a software engineer and his friends were brutally thrashed by cattle smugglers in Odisha.

Cases are reported every other day of cattle smugglers attacking police, farmers, gau rakshaks (cow protection volunteers) or animal lovers like Nandini.

Cynical as it may sound, Nandini’s case is getting covered in English language media because she calls herself an ‘animal lover’ and not a ‘gau rakshak’ – in fact, Nandini is nothing but an urban gau rakshak. The motivation is the same – pain and distress at seeing a gentle, loving animal like the cow being brutalized and murdered.

Nandini’s upper middle class, English-speaking background makes her more relatable for our journalistic class, else stories showing attacks on gau rakshaks never make it beyond regional media.

What this episode also shows is the deep roots that the beef mafia has in our secular polity – often, these gangs have the blessings of the local secular politician who ensures that the local administration and police turn a blind eye in return for their share of the spoils. And the pro-Pakistan sentiment in such operators is no one off, never mind what secular apologists repeat ad nauseam.

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